Farmington Dew Days

This was such an exciting day for me, despite the pouring rain. I couldn’t round up any of my running buddies to tackle this 4-miler with me, so I ended up going alone. But, I love these small town runs. There is just the right amount of people running through the back streets of the main section of town. A gun start, too! And just pulling the tabs off your race number and handing it to the tally person at the end. So much fun! No pressure, and there were bagels at the end (and cream cheese)!
But, as soon as the gun fired, the rain started. And it rained harder and harder and harder. The water was just pouring over my head, and into my eyes. Off came the sunglasses (prescription, I may add)! I was cursing now that I didn’t wear my visor. I hopped, skipped and jumped over newly formed, raging streams in the roadways, yet still tried to keep a 5K pace. Not easy. And I felt it the next day in the form of sore calves and shins. By mile 3, it began to let up, and I passed a group of cross-country high school boys. I heard them say as I passed, “Hey! That lady just passed us! We better pick up the pace.”
And they did, passing my up just as we crossed the finish!
But, despite being soaked and now chilled, I went back to my car, changed out of my wet shirt, and I awaited the posted results…one benefit to going alone. I was surprised to see that I was first in my age group! WOW! And I stuck around long enough to get my medal. Totally worth it. So worth it, in fact, I had a second bagel!

Farmington Dew Days – 4 mile run

Weather: Pouring rain. Temps in the 70s
Clothing: Fila Shorts, Sports Bra, Tank Top, Brooks Launch Sneakers

Have you ever run in the pouring rain?

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