New York State of Mind

Arrived in New York yesterday! Today, I’m car-less. No problem! Gotta food shop so I can prepare pureed meals for my sister. My plan is to walk the mile or so to the grocery store, and then walk home with a load on my back. Unfortunately, I forgot to start my Runmeter app until I started walking home. Bummer. But I got a picture!

Actually, I took this to send to my husband since he was having a bad morning. I thought the sight of me carrying all these groceries would cheer him up.

I ended up doing the walk and then getting a run in around noonish. It just seemed like a terrible thing to waste a perfectly good day to run.

Running on Long Island is kinda like running in Colorado, minus the initial elevation. The hills are brutal. I walked down the biggies, and jogged the shoreline, then walked back up the hill. I think I logged about a 7 mile run despite the late start.

Weather: Don’t recall…think it was partly cloudy and in the 50s.
Clothing: Shorts, sports bra, jacket. Didn’t need the jacket.

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