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In Danny Dreyer’s book, Chi Running, he asks the reader to assess their current condition…and to be honest. In the past, I’d be a pessimist, and likely not give myself enough credit for the shape I am in. Today, thought, I’m a bit more of an optimist. After sitcking with P90X for a few years now, and increasing my running milage, I honestly believe that I’m in the best shape of my life…at least beyond the age of 20. Therefore, here are the answers to Danny’s questions.

Physical Assessment:
Physically fit – could be a few pounds lighter IMHO
Current Weight – 117-118 pounds. I think I’m best at 115.
Currently recovering from minor, unknown injuries. 
1. The most annoying is a tightness in the right calf and shin. The pain alternates between the two locations. I’m pretty sure that it is a shin splint. Could it be from the compression sleeves? Have laid off of them for a week.
2. Left outer foot pain. Think I stepped in a divot while fishing. Pain comes and goes. Getting better at this point in time.
3. A little back thigh cramping. Blaming dehydration.
My Aspirations:
I want to try 26.2. I’ve done 13.1 three times this year and a typical run for me these days is 7 miles. Certainly 10 miles is a no brainer. I could say speed doesn’t matter, but I’d be stretching the truth. I’d love to do 8 miles/hr. That would be one aspiration before my 50th birthday. I’d alos like to remain injury free…an ultimate goal. Since I can’t pinpoint the cause of these previous injuries, I’d blame them on form and technique, hence the Chi-Running book.
My Future:
The rest of my life? Run and stay in tip-top shape for as long as I am able. I’d love to try a marathon or longer.
Mental Assessment:
1. I run because I am good at it. I love the “me” time. I love the fresh air. I love seeing what I can do!

2. I’d like to continue running 25-30 miles a week or about an hour a day.

3. I prefer to train alone but love doing races with friends! I’d like to do about 3-5 races a year.

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