Running home

I really didn’t need another long run this week, but something was calling me to run into Bayville. I’m not sure what or why I felt that urge, but I did. I ran all the way “home” to the house where I spent my childhood. Funny, but when I was a child, this distance…between home and where I attended High School, seemed like the longest distance in the world. In fact, I was sure that I rode it on my bicycle a few times as a high schooler. I don’t think I really ever knew the actual distance. But today I found out.

4 miles there…4 miles back. I woud have swore it was twice that. I was very surprised. As I ran, I recalled many fond memories of my childhood. Not to mention, homes that I passed where I spent hours or overnights at friend’s homes. It all seems so much smaller now. As a kid, Bayville was a grand town with one major road, and 4 traffic lights. That’s it…just 4. And still…it has 4. But it is just 4 miles there and 4 miles back.


I’m home.

Welcome to Bayville!

The Bayville Bridge

The beach where we fished and spent our summers

I never jumped!

Where we got our bait!

The house where I grew up on 16th Street.

Weather: Some sun, temps in the 50s.

Clothing: Shorts, short sleeved top, sports bra, hat, sunglasses, Brooks Ghost sneakers.

Do you still live in the town you were raised in? If not, how often do you make it “home”?

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