The Last Minute Half Marathon

I ran the Belle Plaine half marathon today. I got plenty of sleep, and woke up at my regular time. This race had a 9am start time. Perfect for me! I was unsure how long it would take me to get there so I left early. I arrived about an hour pre-race so I picked up my packet and sat in my warm and dry car until 10 minutes before the gun sounded…and enjoyed my banana, while I pondered what to wear. I brought a few jackets with me and a pair of pants, but ended up in shorts and compression socks, short sleeve top, and rain jacket.

It wasn’t raining, but it was threatening. This is what held me back in the first place as it was promising to be a wash out. I’ve done this before…been caught in a downpour without anything to keep my somewhat dry. So I was pondering how to go into this run. I decided the rain jacket over top was the best bet.

I finished well, somewhere between the two other previous half marathons I ran this year. 1:45:19. I’m pleased with that! And since I went alone, I was able to stay until the times were posted. I actually finished first in my age group and was pretty shocked, since I swear I saw a few women pass me and thought for SURE they were older than I.  But, I got that medal AND a beer mug! I even could have had a free beer post run, but somehow coffee sounded better to me. No bagels, though! Bummer.

It was an extremely hilly run. I got kind of nauseous at times. This was a first. I have yet to get sick on a run. This was the first time I felt that it could happen. I definitely did NOT hydrate enough pre-run, post-run or during the run, for that matter. I kept thinking “…as soon as I get past this hill, I’ll take a sip…”, but it seemed like I never got past that hill! However, no pains, no aches, and no residual soreness.

Note to self: Do NOT wear Fila rain jacket again for a long run. All I did was sweat, and the jacket filled with water. I chafed along my waist where the jacket fell against my skin. Ouch! That jacket does not breathe correctly. I’ll save it for fishing.

Still need to attempt some metronome training this week. That would be the only chi-component I have not attempted.

Here is the link to my Belle Plaine run.

Weather: Cloudy and misty. Temps near 50°.
Clothing: Fila shorts, sports bra, short sleeved shirt, Fila rain jacket. Brooks Ghost Sneakers.

Did you ever attempt a race run in a new piece of clothing?

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