Election Day Run

So, today I ran! I got out sometime just before 9am. I waited around for the weather to clear a bit, put on my new sneaks, and out I went to give it a go. I had much traffic to work around as it was election day and the polling place is right up the road from our house.

Here are the details. New sneakers: Brooks Pure Cadence. NEON. My husband thinks they are actually TOO bright! I can tell they are meant to force you to hit mid-foot rather than the heel strike. This helped a lot for this run, but not until about mile 3. I didn’t want to run this far in new sneakers, but as is typical for me, I couldn’t stop myself. Plus, I was 3 miles out…had to get back home.

At the turn around, I focused on form, and foot strike, and lo and behold, my pace increased despite the uphill battle for much of that distance. So, I call the run a complete success and I’m very pleased with how I did.

Next run day is Thursday. Weather will decide whether I go long or do intervals or a tempo run.

You can see my run details off to the right!

Weather: 40°, cloudy, quite breezy with wind out of the west.
Clothing: Champion C9 stretch leggings, sports bra, Champion long sleeved gaitor top, neon peach Gap gaitor jacket, Turtle hat, gloves and new sneaks.

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  1. TPP says:

    Wow! Bright, indeed!

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