I couldn’t help myself…

Today was a planned walk. I have run the past three days because I could. And I felt good. Two runs were in New York, and relatively easy. Yesterday’s run was here at home. I didn’t need to run, but it was a cool, crisp morning and the Minnesota roads were calling me. So, out I went for 7. This morning, the right shin, once again, was a bit tight so I opted for the morning walk while the girls took their horse  lesson.

I started out great. I walked the first mile, but as I loosened up, the shin felt better, so I broke out into a jog. Thinking to myself I’d just jog to the end of the road, it turned out I went a bit further and logged a 3 mile run on top of my mile walk. Still feeling OK tonight.

Weather: Cloudy with a flurry or two. Temperature at run time 38°. Light wind out of the west.
Clothing: Nike pants, sports bra, pink short sleeved top and new Champion jacket. Neon yellow top over jacket – orders of the hubster. Brooks Ghost sneakers. Turtle hat, eye glasses, gloves.

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