I Wonder…Did Audrey Hepburn Run?

Today, I was planning to do some speed work. I thought perhaps some visual Fartleks would be the workout du jour. But it was cold. And I mean cold. I’m a Minnesotan…well sort of. An adoptee, so to speak. But I’m just not ready yet for these temperatures. It takes me a few weeks to acclimate to the colder, winter temperatures. And I was reminded of that this morning.

The temperature started at around 19°, and there was a pretty good breeze. I went out nice and easy, and I was pretty bundled up. At first I thought I didn’t dress warm enough, but as always, I warmed up. Although I have to admit, it took quite a few miles.

The first few were into the wind. The sunshine helped immensely  Even when my path took me into the shade of the trees, I could feel the extreme temperature change that the sun provides. Funny how in the summer, you crave that shade. The winter? It is a whole different story.

So, I chugged along, thinking I’d start my sprint work at 2 miles. Ok, maybe 3. 4? Yeah, I just couldn’t loosen up. I knew that if I broke out into a sprint, I’d injure myself, so I just didn’t do it. By mile 3.5, and my turn around point, I decided to just go for the calorie burn. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

The good news is at the turnaround, the wind was at my back, and there was no shade to be found. Going home was much more enjoyable than the trip out.

By the time I returned home, the temperature had risen to a balmy 27°! I just LOVE Minnesota in the fall!

What did I wear? Funny you should ask. I felt rather Audrey Hepburn-ish. When I was in New York, I went with my sister to find her a new pair of running shoes. The store had these cute Turtle Fur hats and accessories and I was immediately drawn to this fun pattern. This particular accessory is a long neck sock which can be worn as a head band, a pirate scarf, a neck warmer, a hat, or a balaclava. Today I wore it as a hat/balaclava combo. With the dark sunglasses and the slimming neon peach jacket, I kinda felt like Ms. Hepburn. I don’t know? What do you think? If Audrey Hepburn did run, I’m guessing she kind of looked like this.

Weather: 19°, sunny and breezy.
Clothing: Long Gap spandex pant, sports bra, long sleeved Champion gaitor top, long sleeved Gap neon peach jacket, Lucy gloves, Turtle Fur Balaclava, sunglasses, Brooks Launch sneakers.

When is your favorite time of the year to run?

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  1. Amanda McGee says:

    You’re so cute! 🙂

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