Losing it with style!

Hmmmm…ya think? I got a new brain shroud today for the milder days since this is clearly a “wash everytime you use it” piece of attire. This one is rather pretty…and neon. The color is called Sunshine of your Love. Love that! Here is what the hat looks like.

Pretty, huh? I went with the shroud today because it was 27° when I left the house. I was thinking “Oooooh….warm!” Turns out it wasn’t as warm as I thought.

The first half of the run was wonderful. I was headed south for the first 5 miles or so. I wasn’t quite sure how far I’d end up running today. My intention was to take the route I wanted to take when I ended up running 16 miles. This time, I decided to run it in reverse, or clockwise…thinking that I’d find the road that I missed the first time.

Everything started great. At about mile 4.5, once again, I passed a questionable road. But I was sure that the road I was on turned into Beard Ave. so I stuck it out…but the road began to wind around to the east and I started to get a little panicky like I was going to end up running longer than I had planned. Eventually I came upon a golf course that I remember seeing on the map so I knew I was still headed in the right direction. And there it was, up ahead…Beard Ave. Yay!

On Beard, I hit 6 miles, so I refueled with a GU gel. I only took a half of one, this time…much easier on the tummy. I also realized that they are much easier to consume when you DON’T have braces. This is a plus! I need to figure out this whole nutrition thing before I decide to run my marathon. I gotta say that I feel instantly better after ingesting the gel, but that it doesn’t last long. I felt like I should have had taken more at mile 9. I’ll have to try this next time. Perhaps taking a half dose every three miles instead of holding off until the first 6. The problem is, when you run in the cold, you seem to have way more energy. Or at least you are fooled that you do, because you aren’t sweating or huffing and puffing as much.

Coming up to mile 10 was rough. I was considering throwing in the towel at this point. The breeze had really picked up out of the northeast and I was in open territory. My face was getting cold, and I was running too hard to pick up the gaiter around my neck and put it over my mouth. I took a few sips from my electrolyte drink and carried on.

Despite the few hitches today, I still managed to run a half marathon…about 13.25 miles. But when I got home, I was very cold. It took me an hour and two cups of coffee until I felt my body temperature regulate itself. This tells me, I should have had the extra layer from the waist down. I only wore one today, thinking it was warmer than it was.

I also wore my new Athleta pink top for this run! It looked rather stunning with my new Brain Shroud and Gaiter. Maybe my running thing is turning more into a style thing rather that a running thing? Nah…but it never hurts to look good!

My husband’s reaction when I was done: “You ran a half marathon? You’re a f***in lunatic. And you can quote me on that.”

Weather: 27°. Partly sunny turned cloudy, breeze out of the northeast. I’d judge it was 8-10 mph.
Clothing: Sports Bra, White Champion long sleeved shirt, Athleta Pink half zip, compression long pant, Brain Shroud, tubular neck gaiter, Brooks Launch sneakers, Isotoner lined gloves.

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