Magic Monday means no run

Since it is Monday, and hubby and I are deep into our 12th round of P90X, it means that today was a heavy hitter. We did Chest, Shoulders and Triceps this morning. And I preceded it with a 90 minute treadmill walk at my regular pace and incline. Good thing I stayed inside as the temperature dipped to 16° this morning with snow and blustery conditions. I don’t think that this running chick is quite ready for that yet. Tomorrow will be a different day. Even when it is that cold, the sun does help.

The workout was good, except when you start month two with the new routines, it is always killer. Today was no exception. I didn’t pull out the numbers I do at the end of each round, but it was good enough for government work. The walk was fine, too.

The only thing I’m not liking today is this pain in my throat. Hope to goodness it isn’t something threatening. I’m taking some zinc and some Mega-C, just in case…plus some Throat Coat Tea.

Looking forward to doing some fartleks tomorrow. That may change, as I sit down to read my Marathon Guide tonight. But for now, that is the plan. 4 miles? Sounds good!

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