Obsession or unrequited love?

I ran this morning. Despite some pain in my lower, right, outer heel…I ran. It was on the dog track again. And I’m pretty sure the injury is from yesterday’s run. But, despite it all, I ran with the dogs.

And I even did intervals. I warmed up for 2 miles, and the heel actually felt better. So I did a lap fast, then a lap slow…for 2 more miles. Then I cooled down for 2 miles. So that is a total of 6 miles. I should be happy with that, right? Deep down inside I should be saying “Way to go, girl! You are done for the day! Good for you!”

But, today, as my daughters and I drove around town to run some errands, I coudn’t help but envy the runners that I saw. The day had gotten absolutely lovely. And they were all running on marvelously paved sidewalks, bike trails, or running paths, and they were wearing running clothes! Some ran in pairs, while some ran alone. And all the while I’m thinking “I should be running. Why aren’t I running?”

So is it obsession? Or have I completely fallen in love with the sport?

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  1. TPP says:

    I don’t think it’s either. For me, it’s says more about how much I respect/love myself. We want to get out there because we’re giving to ourselves. It is definitely a chemical reaction, but how those chemicals effect us psychologically are quite likely very different. “I’m still healthy”. I’m still strong”. “I can get better”. “I can change”.. Are phrases for me that come to my mind, and they give me added purpose.

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