On the road again!

Great day for a run! Pretty foggy start, though, so I had to hold off until late in the morning. Temperatures steady right around the freezing mark, so I was careful not to overdress.

Lots of things going through my mind this morning. I had definitely done something to my foot on Friday’s trail run. Because of it, I must have overcompensated on Saturday’s trail run and in turn pulled something in the same calf. So I took a break Sunday. I was good to ice it and massage it throughout the day, and I displayed enough willpower to NOT run. Not easy to do, mind you.
Yesterday, I did my regularly scheduled 6 mile walk on the treadmill and P90X. Still had some pretty good soreness in the calf.
This morning, it was a little tender. But I figured I’d give it a go regardless, and got out on the road. Gosh it felt SO good. It took me about 2 miles for it to loosen up, and the rest was history. Something I ate this morning or last night did not agree with me, however, so my speed wasn’t tremendous. But it still goes down as a decent 7-miler.
The late fall sunshine felt great this morning! I just love it this time of year.
Here is my fashion statement for today. Pink. Pink always makes me happy.

I’m supposed to go long on Thursday, but since it is Thanksgiving, I’ll likely put it off until Saturday. May just run all day.

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