Refining the cold weather run.

So, what valuable lessons did I learn from Saturday’s cold weather run?

First, that I need to wear thicker gloves. The Lucy’s just aren’t cutting it for temperatures below freezing. Granted, I’m pretty certain that I have Raynaud’s syndrome, but the ensuing tingling and discomfort is not fun. So today, I opted for the fur lined Isotoners.

Ah! Relief!

Also, like my Grandma always used to say (God rest her soul)…

“Cold? Put a hat on!”
“Still cold?” Put another hat on!”

Well, two hats are pretty silly, but I did exchange hats to a thicker one. Funny, I bought three of these hats at Target two years ago on clearance. One in gray, black and creme. Had I known they would be so great for running, I’d have bought them all. They keep me warm, yet allow my head to breathe. This way I don’t get all sweaty and feel like I need to rip it off mid-run. Today, I didn’t get that “I’m cold” feeling at mile 4 like I have been. Could be the hat!

Finally, every time I see these on clearance at Target I buy them. They are the Champion C9 shirts in an X-Large. The big ones are great for putting over your winter running clothes, especially if they aren’t neon. Most winter gear comes in black or gray. So you must wear it. But it kind of surprises me that people who run on the road would choose black or gray yet not add any color for visibility. I know, because I’ve seen them…almost too late. My husband has as well, and has told me a thousand times and if not more that he is glad I wear neon. You’d think those runners would have just a bit more sense not to wear a color that matches the surface where they run. Needless to say, a little pop of neon may just save your hide.

Weather: 20°, mostly cloudy, stiff south breeze.
Clothing: Under Armour Base II thermal layer, black leggings, dark green mock neck lined top, neon covershirt, grey hat, balaclava, Isotoner lined gloves.

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