Run for speed?

Today’s run started off like the typical Saturday morning run. Didn’t want to do it…I mean, I REALLY didn’t want to do it. This doesn’t happen often. But I think I probably didn’t have to have that second cocktail last night. And the fact that we got hammered with hail and a thunderstorm at 2am didn’t help matters at all.

I slept until 8am…pretty rare for me. And just getting motivated was a problem. I even considered ditching it entirely, basing my reasoning on the fact that I ran 12 miles on Thursday.

Eventually, however, after finishing off all the tablespoons of cereal left in empty boxes in the cupboard, I decided I needed the run.

I put on my best sneakers. I have been having a bit of outer knee pain and I have to attribute it to the new sneakers because nothing else has changed the past week except them. The temperature was tricky. It was mild…very mild for November. I was pretty sure I was overdressed at first, and when my husband finished his walk, he told me he had to shed his jacket. That meant I didn’t need one at all. So I put on a short sleeved top and decided it would be a good morning to test my arm warmers.

I got these from Run Pretty Far. They are pretty cool. And they are my new favorite accessory. Why? Because you can roll them down to your wrists if it gets too warm out!

New arm warmers with thumbholes.
New arm warmers rolled down to wrists.

I didn’t expect to do as well as I did. In fact, when Runmeter told me I had an under 8:00/mile pace in my first half mile, and I wasn’t even huffing it, I took advantage and turned it into a run for speed. I figured I could at least go for a 10K PR. I mean, why not? So far, life was cooperating.

At mile 3.5, I turned and worked on my form again, as the remaining 3.5 miles are mainly uphill. Truly a great run. I’m kind of sorry I didn’t run the Diva Dash this morning. I think I would have had a killer time. It is hard for me to determine exactly where I finished the 10k. I know I hit 6 miles at around 45:40 or so, so I’m pretty sure I PR’d it. At least according to Dailymile I did. I need to e-mail Runmeter to ask how I can set up a 5K and 10K split time on their app as I have not yet figured out how to do it on my own.

Have you ever completely shocked yourself on a run?

Weather: Mild. Temps near 60°. Cloudy, with breaks of sun and a brisk east wind, but a mild one.
Clothing: UnderArmour Capri pant, short sleeved neon top, sports bra, arm warmers. Brooks Launch sneakers, sun glasses…no hat.

Here is the Map My Run import.

5 Responses to Run for speed?

  1. TPP says:

    What size did you get? I like the purple tie dye.. but I think I need a M and they only have S.

  2. I got the M/L. What does your bicep measure?

  3. TPP says:

    10.5 inches. I just read that it will stretch 2 inches, so the small may be good for me.

  4. Mine are 11.5 when my arms are bent at 90°. You could give them a try. The woman who owns the site is really nice. I’m sure if they didn’t fit, you could exchange them.

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