Scheduled walk day

Today is a scheduled walk day. I have an old but good LifeFitness treadmill with Polar technology…although we lost the Polar part. But, I use my iPhone and heart rate monitor anyway. My walks go at least an hour but I aim for 75-90 minutes barring any disruptions. I’d like to start adding some extra times to these walks, just to get into the habit of going three to four hours on my feet. I think that will help the marathon training. I normally run the random program at level 8. This means my incline changes from 5% to as high as 11%. I go at 4.0 mph so I’m covering good ground and getting a great calorie burn in 90 minutes. I don’t hold on, although I do have a computer at my treadmill so I can do things like write this post, catch up on my e-mails, or read the gossip on Facebook. I also have a TV for alternate viewing. I enjoy watching the food channels the most. I know…seems counterproductive, but I always find a new recipe to try for the family.

Today is no exception. I just had to run upstairs to let our neurotic white dog in the house, but otherwise, I’m still chugging along.

P90X is on tap for today following our morning walks. My husband does his outside with the dogs.

Shoulders and Arms is the workout du jour.

Bring it. And remember that if you ignore your fitness, it will go away!

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