Slow 'er down!

It was my job to do the obligatory dog walk this morning. This means walking, or leading…or more like following four somewhat well behaved canines around a circle on our back property. Well, more like three canines, since one immediately turns back if the temperature is below 25°. And to be quite honest, it is really just two, as the smallest and the most terrible canine goes off into the woods to see what he can kill…or at least morbidly mame.

Yesterday’s 16-mile run is just a memory now and I was able to get out of bed with little physical ramifications, if any. Shocker! I did take two advil before I went to bed, just to ease out the aches and tingles that I was experiencing as I laid in bed trying to fall asleep. Maybe that helped. It was certainly cold this morning. Not quite sure if I’d break out into a jog or not, I layered it up. I wore my UnderArmour thermals below a Calvin Klein running jacket and some long leggings (don’t be fooled by the name brands. I shop at Marshall’s), plus gloves and my Turtle Fur Totally Tubular Comfort Shell.

As soon as I stepped outside, I started jogging. It was just too dang cold to walk. We went up the hill and out to the back by the barns. There is a small “track” back there that my husband walks everyday. It is about .2 miles to go around once and it is about 4/10th of a mile to get out there. I wore my Brooks Ghost, knowing it would be more of a trail type run, since it is just a gravel road. I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t walk…but I did do a light jog. As I was jogging, time was flying, and I was surprised at how fast I covered 2 miles. This was easy and I could quickly get 4 miles under my belt with little effort. What I like best about this jog in the back is that I have to slow ‘er down lest I land on my face.

So, in a way, it was a great recovery workout. I warmed up quickly, stayed warm, burned some calories, and got something done! 5 miles in fact. Not too shabby! Not only that, but my entourage was quite pleased as well.

Weather: Sunny, breezy and cold. Temperature 20°. Clothing: UnderArmour thermals below a Calvin Klein running jacket and some long leggings, turtle fur tubular, Brooks Ghost Sneakers and gloves.

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