Turkey Trot?

There was no way in hell I wasn’t going to get a workout in this morning. My friend up the road puts together a fun run with her neighborhood friends and she is always kind enough to put me on the contact list. We planned to meet at 8am.

It is an unprecedented Thanksgiving morning in Minnesota. The temperature is nearly 60°, and there is no snow or ice on the ground which is a huge plus! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to arrive earlier to get extra miles in or stay later. They usually do one lap around the lake which is just a bit longer than a 5k. But, since I was running late as it was, I opted to stay later.

That worked out well, actually, because the whole gang decided to walk it, so I got in some girlie time with the ladies and was able to shed some layers and run after we did our lap. It was a good run. I decided after the first 5k to do another, but I had really gone out hard for the first half. I had to bring it down for the second. Still, it was close to a PR 10k time at 48 and change.

In the meantime, my rockstar sister had yet another incredible run this morning. She is the epitome of the phrase “you are never too old.”. So freakin’ proud of her!

Now, I can have dessert tonight! And maybe an extra cocktail!

Weather: 55° at start, breezy, some clouds.
Clothing: Sweats and jacket with tee underneath for walk. Stripped to shorts for run, but kept tee and jacket. Could really have left jacket behind, too.

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