I can’t follow directions.

I did my MiCoach assessment run today, and as usual, I didn’t follow directions. I wanted to run longer than 12 minutes and as soon as I heard my coach say that the workout will continue until I hit “stop”, I just assumed I could continue. But when I got home and logged in to MiCoach, it said I should have stopped and then restarted. Doh! I guess I’ll have to do the reassessment again.

But you can see how I did in the first 12 minutes of the workout. And I actually made it into the red zone. I think that is good. I’m not sure how it works, but I’ll take it. It looks like I may have hit the 6:00/mile range?!? Oofda. Sprint, girl!

Oh, and by the way, it was cold. So much for the Minnesota Indian Summer of 2012. I think it is over now. This is how I dressed before I stepped out the door.

(Note the new iPhone case! You can buy one here. They are made for boys, too!)
I had to come back in and put a second jacket on and my Totally Tubular Balaclava…and thick gloves.

Weather: 32°, windy and cold.
Clothing: Grey Compression pant, neon green jacket, Gap active jacket, balaclava, lines isotoner gloves.

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