She'll do the dash…she'll do the Polar Dash.

Call me crazy. I signed up for a 10K…on New Years Day…in Minnesota.

It really isn’t all that crazy. I could have signed up for a half marathon! Now that would have been crazy! But even when I went to go pick up my race packet yesterday, that little voice in the back of my head was saying, “you know, you could run that half marathon.”

I had to talk myself out of it.

6 miles will be enough, right?

I did get some cool gear, though. To be quite honest, that is why I signed up for the race in the first place. Plus, they were having a warehouse sale. I brought a jacket with me that I had gotten at the Women Rock Half Marathon this summer hoping I could exchange it for a larger size. And I could! Team Ortho rocks! Thanks so much for helping me out with that and for having such great events!

They also had a great clearance rack. This tee-shirt was calling out to me. Besides, it’s neon. And boasts my sentiments exactly.

Today was a rest day. I didn’t really rest, rather I purged all the crap outta my house. It sure feels like I got a workout! This week is P90X recovery week before I start the third month of this round. I plan to run, of course. Maybe I’ll do some Les Mills, too. I kinda miss the pump!

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  1. Ang Campbell says:

    I LOVE that shirt! That’s awesome 🙂

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