The 10-miles from hell…

I’m not quite sure what the heck hit me today. It was crazy because I was very excited to run in the sunshine and newly melted road side. When my husband told me it was beautifully mild, that is what I expected it to be. But when I stepped outside to retrieve my sunglasses from my car, I was in for a bit of a shock. Obviously it was NOT 32° like he had told me. When I reentered the house to check the temperature, it was really 27°. Somehow the temperature had dropped 5 degrees beween 7am and 9am. And just one layer would not do.
Since I was already suited up, I slipped on a pair of wide legged Nike pants over my compression pants rather than undressing and putting on my base layer. 
Here are my Shibas trying to figure out what the heck I am doing and why I taste so good.
This could have been the problem with the run. My legs felt like lead through the entire thing. I kept running along thinking I’ll loosen up at mile 2…okay, mile 3…maybe mile 4? Well, I’ve loosened up at mile 5 before, I’ll just keep going. Before I knew it I was at mile 8 and just dyin’. There was no way this lead feeling was going away. Then I began to ask myself what I did differently today that I don’t normally do on a long run day.
One thing was the compression pant fiasco. Maybe they were just too tight to have on under the other pants. Or maybe it was the steel cut oats I had for breakfast. That was new. I usually have Cream of Wheat. Was this too heavy? Gosh, did I even drink anything this morning? I don’t remember…and I don’t think I did. So I stopped to sip some water. I felt instantly better, but not better enough to make any significant change in how my legs felt. 
This run was a goner before it began. Honestly, I was surprised I eeked out a sub 8:30min/mile pace. Someone above was giving me a break. This is how I felt when I finally made it to my driveway, thoroughly exhausted.
Back in the house post run and post coffee. Good thing I have a great sense of humor.

4 Responses to The 10-miles from hell…

  1. "Becca" says:

    I smiled at this post. I could never have a good run after eating oatmeal for breakfast either, and Cream of Wheat is my ideal pre-run breakfast. It just made me smile to think I do something like you… you’re an uber athlete and I’m just a “run for the mental release” kinda gal.
    I will say though that I can never get my clothing choices correct for these cold weather outtings either. What feels right when I first get out the door never feels right by the end of the run.

    • Becca, whether you run fast, run slow, run long, run short or just shuffle along, you are a runner. I love that you shared with me your experiences and what you eat! It makes me realize I’m not alone. We learn from each other, in more ways than one!

      Remember when you dress for a run, dress like it is 20° that what it is. You may go out a bit chilly, but you should warm up by mile 1-2!

  2. I think it is awesome that you stuck it out for the whole thing even though you were not feeling it!

    I am new to your blog and you had me at neon 🙂

  3. Welcome, Candy…and thanks! I’m off to check out your blog!!

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