Weigh In Day

I’m giddy. Positively giddy!

Everything I did this week must have clicked because as soon as Sunday, I started feeling lighter. It’s funny that you can see a pound or two. I just had a feeling I was going to have a good weigh in experience this week.

What did I do differently? Well, P90X started up again. That resistance exercise when combined with a good running program really is a great metabolism booster. I have learned in all my years of so-so exercising that it is the combination of the two that brings results. You can just expect to run, or just lift weights. It has to be a smart combination of both. My husband and I don’t follow a strict P90X regimen because he is a bit older than I and he has more physical restrictions for some of the workouts. So, I’ve learned to work around him, and design my own system, that in the past year, has worked very well.

I also did a few other different things this week. I laid off the alcohol. That doesn’t mean I had none, it just means I had just one drink instead of two or three on Friday night, and I didn’t have my Wednesday night semi-date night glass of wine. I also doubled my fluid intake this week mainly through hot green tea, and I laid off the after dinner chocolate. My meals were all salad and vegetable based with just a spoonful of protein and my breakfasts were carb loaded.

My running/walking stayed about the same. Although, the temperatures are colder, and I find that my calorie burn is higher when it is colder out.

I think I have hit upon something this week. For now on it is all about defining and refining and finding the prefect prescription to staying right where I am!

Also, I need a pedicure.

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