Back to normal…sorta, kinda.

Today was my first day back. I had decided last weekend that since the weather here in Minnesota was so cold, I’d take the opportunity to break from the run. I still did my daily walks on the treadmill, but held myself back from breaking out above 5.0 mph…which wasn’t always easy.

I have to admit I needed the break. I was getting a few uncomfortable twinges in my right calf and my left inner thigh. Keeping the pounding down to a minimum helped. But I probably overestimated my ability to take the reins back after 10 days off. Either that, or it was just the treadmill making it harder.

I had really hoped to take it outdoors today with the temperatures hovering around 30° for the first time in a week, but with the recent precipitation, and the fact that I slid about 100 feet at the stop sign on the corner in my Toyota Sequoia, kind of told me that an outdoor run wouldn’t be such a great idea. I jumped on that treadmill determined to get something done. As I thumbed through the programs, I decided to kick it up and try a jog at an elevation determined by the treadmill. So, I popped on a random elevation program at level 2 and played around with my pace. I started with a 5 minute walk at 4.2 mph and then went to 6.0 mph. I then upped it .5 mph every 5 minutes until I reached 7.5 mph. But the random elevation was messing with me and I couldn’t hold that pace at the times I was at a 4% incline. So, I had to regroup…I lowered the level to 1 and then adjusted my pace so that when I was at a 0-1% incline, I ran at 7.5 mph. I adjusted it down to 6.0 mph when I was up there in elevation.

It was a long run. But really, 10 miles in 90 minutes is a respectable time. The interesting thing is that my average heart rate was 169, where typically it is in the 170s. So this was a great experiment for me to keep my pace at more than a comfortable level. I want to try something like this again but keep that 6.5 mph pace at a decent, level, elevation and try to go 15 on the treadmill. I may get my chance Thursday since the temperature should be about 0° that day…for a high. Gotta love Minnesota!

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