Keeping my cool

I’m keeping my cool. Yes indeedio. I managed to not run again today. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t walk. I would have liked to have gotten an earlier start this morning, but the cold was holding me back. It is soooooo cold in my house. Not because we don’t turn the heat on extra high when our temperatures fall below zero, but because we have so many windows that it is just physically impossible for our heater to keep up. Therefore, we must suffer just slightly to stay warm in this excruciatingly cold weather.

The basement…it isn’t heated at all. Unless I beg my husband to turn the heat on when we do our workout on the days he is down there with me. But when I get on the treadmill? No way. He doesn’t turn it on. So, I was draggin’ it this morning.

I have a simple theory for running this marathon in June. Endurance. Clearly, I can run. But can I stay physically active for 4 hours? That is what I’m aiming for…a 4 hour walk on the treadmill. If I can do that, I’m thinking the rest will come pretty easy. As long as I don’t strive for some pace I just can’t keep.

This morning, since running outdoors is not an option, I attempted my first long treadmill walk. The settings on my treadmill are limited to either 90 minutes or 10 miles. So I went for 10 miles today, knowing it would take me more than 90 minutes. And it did…about 2 hours and 20 minutes. So, I pretty much was halfway on my 4-hour journey. It went well! I had plenty to do…surfing the web, TV to watch…but it would seem my 4-hour experience will have to wait for a day when I have absolutely nothing on the calendar. 4 hours will eat up an entire morning. Plus, it may just render me useless for the remainder of the day.

I held onto a 4.2 mph pace, which was a pretty swift walk for 10 miles. And I burned some wicked calories at the same time. All in all I’d say the first experiment went swimmingly.

Temperatures here are not expected to be any better until the weekend. That will be perfect if I decide to pick up the run again on Sunday. Time will tell.

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  1. I seriously can’t believe that you walked for 10 miles?? With dedication like that you’re going to do awesome on your marathon!

  2. Thanks, Laura! I did 15 miles yesterday! It seems to me that if I can walk this rather than run it all the time, it can only improve my endurance while lessening my chances of injury. Time will tell!

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