Minnesota's January Thaw

Yes, it is here. Well, maybe for just 48 hours, but it arrived today, nonetheless.

This meant a run. I did my long run Tuesday fearing today would be rainy, but lo and behold, we awoke to temperatures already above freezing, and the sun shining brightly. I had to take advantage of it.

I had absolutely no plan today. So, I just let the wind take me. And it did. It was rather breezy, and that determined my course. I dressed for 34°. I didn’t factor in any wind chill, so I opted to take the neighborhood route since there would be less wind in my face.

My neighborhood run is rather hilly, so this run served a purpose after all. I didn’t go for speed, I didn’t go for distance, just endurance and a great Minnesota January Thaw run.

I ended up with a nice 8-miler. Not too long, not too short. I came home just a tad bit chilly, but I had problems warming up this morning to begin with…I don’t know why.

Temperature at run time: 34°
Clothing: One layer below, plus compression socks. Two layers above, plus a hat and balaclava.

What are your most perfect running weather conditions?

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  1. Ahh. Gotta love an unexpected nice day to run!!

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