Running like a Terrorist

I wonder how many people I scared the crap out of while running today. I’m sure there were a lot of hurumph’s heard behind the steering wheels of the vehicles that passed me by, considering the damn cold temperatures. But as they got closer, they were probably wondering what or who I was running from…or to.

I had quite the morning trying to figure out why my daughter’s teeth hurt bad enough to keep her up all night. Getting into our orthodontist can be a logistics nightmare, so we decided to camp out in the parking lot this morning until they opened…like Jimmy Buffet fans waiting in line overnight for the front row seats. The plan worked, however, and we were able to see the doctor and make it back to school before the end of the 1st class session.

As I started back home, the temperature was displaying a promising 14°. I thought for sure that by the time I parked the car, went potty, changed my clothes, prepared my gear, and drank my P90X Energy and Endurance formula it would be at least 20°. Much to my surprise and dismay, the temperature had dropped a degree!

What the hell? Time to regroup, and add another layer. Plus, I noticed the wind had picked up quite a bit. This meant for sure a ski mask was in order. It is easier to pull this garment down under the chin than it is to get stuck out on a cold, windy day without one.

I think the picture says it all. (Notice all the tissues).

It was cold. And it took 3 miles before the feeling came back to my toes and fingers. Ugh. But at least my face was warm! Going out was against the wind, so it made coming home that much more enjoyable. By mile 6, I felt like I could have done another 6, but I held back and zero’d in for a landing. There is time for a long run later this week and I didn’t come prepared this run to go long in this weather.

Another 7-miler in the books…nice and steady, despite my terrorist appearance.

How do you handle running in the cold? Or do you just skip it that day?

2 Responses to Running like a Terrorist

  1. I am fortunate to have a treadmill in the basement. So if it is just too darned cold or hot out I can still get my run in. I would always prefer outside but sometimes I just can’t get out due to weather or time.

  2. Ang Campbell says:

    I haven’t braved the extreme cold yet. I resort to the treadmill instead, but I don’t enjoy treadmill running nearly as much as hitting the pavement. I don’t have much by way of winter wear, let alone running winter wear. I’m super impressed with your determination 🙂

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