Running with Piggies

My girlfriend and fitness partner in crime, Amanda…well, she started this thing. Working out in pigtails. Yeah, I know. I actually used to be a pigtail fanatic, back in the day. And occasionally, especially in the summer, I enjoy a pigtail style. But I haven’t tried it in quite a while…until the other day…when she suggested we work out in piggies. So now, it is safe to say, I’m hooked. At least for the time being.

As far as the workout goes, I was stuck inside today. I just didn’t feel like bracing the cold. Tomorrow, the promise is 40°. Typically, I don’t run on Friday. But I may make an exception. I have some early appointments with the girls as they are off from school tomorrow, so I’m hoping for an early afternoon jaunt. Fingers crossed.

This morning it was unusually quiet in the house, as the hubster ran some errands after taking the kids to school. I rarely get to do ChaLEAN Extreme anymore, so I grabbed the opportunity this morning to do some Burn Intervals…with piggies.

Yeah, I know…but what the heck?

And as typically is the case, one workout is never enough. So I got on the treadmill.

I did the 45-minute cross-train program with a few changes today. I kept my walk speed at 4.2 mph. When it came time for the 5-minute run, I did 4 minutes at 7.0 mph, and the final minute at 9.0 mph. And I repeated that for each additional 5-minute run. This meant the cross-train program was a 4-miler in total.

And as typically is the case, one 45-minute cross-train program is never enough. So I repeated it.

Altogether, it was an 8-miler, taking a little over 90-minutes because of the warm-up and cool-down. And I didn’t run the entire thing, which leaves me open for that run tomorrow.

After that, the lid blows off of our weather. Temperatures are not expected to rise above 0° until mid-week, so that will pretty much limit the outside run.

My plan this weekend is to find a marathon training program that I can follow. I’ve been looking at Hal Higdon’s programs at his website. These seem a bit more feasible to me than the one Runmeter offers. I joined the forum and asked him which program he suggests I start at. I’m thinking either the Novice 2 or the Intermediate 1. Then I’ll need to figure out how to program it into Runmeter.

Ah, damn technology. I’m such a sucker.

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