"T" is for training shirt!

“T” is for training shirt! If you are a Instagrammer, or if you surf Facebook frequently, you may notice a bunch of people participating in the Photo A Day challenge. The blogger actually did the same type of challenge last month, but it was just too hectic for me to participate. This month, though, I felt like I had a bit more time to take it on.

Today’s challenge, something beginning with “T”. Tuesday is piano day for my girls, so while they are in lesson, the husband and I do some shopping at Costco. Upon returning home, we gather the mail, and the eggs up at the chicken coup. I was surprised to have received an envelope from Grandma’s Marathon. I didn’t think I had anything mailed to me as I planned to pick up my race packet the day before the run.

Well, inside was my official “training shirt”. To be honest, my heart skipped a beat. Had I really signed up for a marathon? Is this gonna really happen?

“T” is for training shirt!

It is still perplexing to me how I will be able to run 26.2 miles at one time. Today’s 12-miler reminded me that I’d basically have to repeat what I just did, and then run a little more to even match what I’ll be running June 22. Golly, that is a long ass run.

What did I sign up for?

When I got home, the hubster asked me how far I ran. Then he said, “That marathon will be a cinch for you.”

I’m glad someone thinks so!

Today, I went long. I usually go long on Thursday’s but the weather looks questionable. The sun was out this morning, and despite the chilly temperatures, I went for it. I believe it was about 23° as I made my way out the door. For me, this is reasonably mild, especially with no wind, so I didn’t need the third layer on top.

My goal was to run at a reasonably comfortable pace. I think I accomplished that. I remember there was a time when an 8:30 pace was reasonably comfortable for me. Now, it seems, I have lowered that to 8:20. I’d love to get it down to 8:00 eventually, but for now, I’ll aim to maintain this kind of pace for the majority of my long runs.

I had no major gripes today. I took half a pack of GU Energy Gel every 3 miles, along with a sip of electrolyte fluid, and a nose blowing break. I did attempt a Energy Chew at mile 9, but it had already turned pretty hard in the Minnesota cold. Not the best idea…so I kind of just let it melt in my mouth. But it wasn’t pleasant to hold it in there. I just assume stick with the gels for now.

This flavor energy gel really has some “pep”!

What is your favorite way to re-energize during a long run?

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  1. How in the heck do you do a half a GU at a time?! Do you just hold it then until you take the other half? My luck it would ooze all over and get sticky 😀

  2. Ah! I just fold over the top twice, and put it in my waist pouch. They stay closed pretty well!

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