Why I love the run…

I love the run because…

  • it grounds me.
  • it is liberating.
  • it is something I do that I never regret doing.
  • I always feel better afterwards than I did before hand.
  • every time I do it, I gain a little more respect for myself.
  • every run proves I’m capable of much more than I believe I am capable of.
  • it clears my mind of the stuff that holds me back.
  • each run teaches me a little bit more about how my body works.
  • each run teaches me how I can make my body work for me.
  • it is the one thing I have complete control over.
  • it improves my mental awareness.
  • it improves my physical awareness.
  • I rock it.
  • I look damn good in neon.
Why do you love the run?

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