Long run home

Unlike all my virtual running buddies in the northeastern United States, I was able to run outdoors today. And I tell you, I needed it. Thursday’s run was good. But I was aching for a long, outdoor run and I succeeded today.

It was almost squashed as soon as it began, because although the temperature read a balmy 27°, it didn’t feel like it as I stepped out the front door. A huge gust of wind came up and I knew immediately that I had underdressed. So, I stepped back inside and grabbed a jacket. This one is a Brooks brand jacket I have been meaning to test drive. I drove it today. And it is another winner product. Details to come…

The run started rough. The wind was south-southwest and it was making that 27° feel more like 17°. That sucks. Not to mention, my forward motion was cut in half as I made my way south for the first leg. I had originally intended to head south this morning, but I had to rethink it as the wind was seriously that bad. Luckily I have an west/east route along the way, and I chose to take that instead.

I also tried something different with my hands. I went with the mittens and hand warmers. Now, I know what you are thinking…”but my hands sweat. I couldn’t do that.” Well, mine sweat too. But they were WARM! I just about had no symptoms of the Raynaud’s…well, in my hands anyway, until the final mile, when my right thumb started to go numb. Otherwise, it was pure heaven for over an hour. Suffice it to say, that will be the new protocol when the temperature is below 30°. The sweating sucks, but having feeling in all my digits during and after makes all the difference.

But, my toes were feeling it early. I wore toe sox today, and in retrospect, I’d have been better off with regular socks. I may try the duct tape technique next. These sneakers have about a month left so I don’t mind wrecking them for the purposes of science.

About mile 5, I realized I forgot to put my Sherry bib on, although I printed it out. ((((sigh)))) I started thinking about her at this moment because I was in the middle of nowhere in the middle of no place. And I was thinking that it sucks that we always have to watch our back. And that whether you are a city runner, a country runner, any kind of runner, you are vulnerable. I decided to pause here and take a photo. Halfway home…still a long way to go.

I went 10 miles, and I haven’t yet analyzed the data from Runmeter, but I feel really good about the run.

When I got home, I was kind of rushed to stretch and shower and get out the door to head downtown so I could pick up my race packet for the Get Lucky 7K. The race isn’t until March, but the pickups are always fun. Plus, you have the chance to exchange race gear right there if it doesn’t fit. I’m glad I went because I opted for a larger sweatshirt. My husband wasn’t too thrilled with the entire process, but he was nice enough to come along and not complain too much. It was all I could ask.

I took a photo with my Sherry Bib, anyway, because that was the thought of the day. She deserves that much.

As for the Brooks Jacket, this is the one I got. It is wonderful! It really keeps the wind out, but doesn’t overheat. And it doesn’t chafe. The last jacket I got similar to this chafed horribly. Not this one. It is my new favorite for sure. But, FYI, if you order it, go up a size. I’m typically a small, but opted for the medium due to the reviews, and I’m glad I did. They have some great styles, too! And they are on sale. I love a sale!

Do you have a favorite article of running clothing that you couldn’t live without?

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