Marathon Training: Day 10

An outdoor run! So excited, I could spit. My handy husband called me just as I was about to step out the door to tell me it was windy and colder than it looked. I took his word as truth and added another jacket.

The thermometer read 30°. And the sun was trying to peak through. But, hell…it was windy. I managed to fight it pretty well for the first mile. It was the last that killed me.

Hal’s Marathon Training Program called for a 5-miler today, at whatever pace struck my fancy. For some reason, I had the urge to go fast. I think I just wanted to get it over with. I had just finished P90X Shoulders and Arms and I was getting hungry, but I wanted to get that run out of the way first. I awoke this morning with a strange stitch in my lower left pelvic area. In fact, it has nagged at me all day. I was afraid this would affect my run, as well. It didn’t, thank goodness, but it sure is bothering me tonight. Wish I knew what the heck it is.

Besides that, I just ran like the wind. I knew I started too fast…I knew my heart rate was up there…but I didn’t care. I just ran. I heard Hal tell me I was at the half way point, so I went maybe 100 more paces then turned around. Now, the winds were reeking havoc and I could tell they were out of the north…and strong. This meant that the last mile would be hell…all uphill and into the wind. And I was right. It wasn’t necessarily cold, but oh, that wind. Around mile 3.5 my phone started ringing…I answered it rather haphazardly, and found my husband at the other end.

“Did you get my text?” he asked.
“Um…no.” (DUH!)
“Oh, well, if you want, just keep running south and I’ll pick you up so you don’t have to run home into the wind.”

That was mighty kind of him, but I had already turned around and wasn’t going to change direction again. Besides, this is good for the training, right?

I swear, I was running backwards at moments during that last mile.

Never the less, I finished with a great run at a 7:48 pace, thereabouts. So I’m not complaining.

Run like the wind? Well, ok.

What weather do you hate running in the most?

2 Responses to Marathon Training: Day 10

  1. What a great time against such odds! Congrats!

  2. Way to combat that wind! I usually don’t have to worry to much about the wind on the trails. It is cut significantly by the trees and stuff. So I mainly dislike hot, hot, hot. And high humidity 😉

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