Miracles do happen

I was just a bit anxious about weighing in this week. I’ve been off of the amoxicillin for 2 weeks now, and it was time to get back in there. I know I was doing better with my weight by the way I felt on Monday, and the two outdoor runs this week really put the nails in the coffin.  This is the jump I needed to get that marathon training underway next week. I’m so excited to start this journey!

All I have to do is survive a few days at my brother-in-laws and his wife’s place. It is always an eat and drink fest. But I’m not drinking, and that means I should be able to control my eating.

It will be 30 degrees warmer than it is at home and I’m looking forward to a long, early morning run on Sunday. I’ll be on runmeter and dailymile if you want to find me!

Sorry about the low-lighting in the photo. It was 6am. I don’t even think I turned the light on. LOL! I had to enhance this just so you could see it!

Did you weigh in today?

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