Positively negative

With the temperatures hovering once again around the 0° mark, it meant an indoor run for this running chick. My original plan was to go 15 miles at a relatively easy pace. But, I got my new Runner’s World magazine yesterday, and in the initial run through of the articles (I say initial because I read each issue about 5 times so I’m sure I absorb every last word), I learned a lot about negative splits. So, as I began my workout, I planned it through in my head. My first 30 minutes would be an easy 6.0 mph, then the next 30 minutes I’d up it to 6.5 mph, etc. until I came close to a two hour run. I decided not to focus on the miles so much as the time I was running.

It went very well, except that as I finished my half hour at 7.0 mph, I felt that twinge return to my left hamstring. And rather than risk it, I opted to end it and stretch it out. So it turned out to be another 10 mile run in 90 minutes. However, I wasn’t as exhausted at the end of this run as compared to Tuesday’s run.

Maybe there is something to this negative split after all? I’m thinking there is. Plus, my heart rate was in control the entire time, at 159, just like Tuesday. But if I didn’t get that little twinge, I’m pretty sure I could have upped my pace and kept going…comfortably.

This excites me. Because it is difficult for me to start slow, and gradually speed up outside. But on a treadmill, it becomes a whole new ballgame.

This is going to help with my forced indoor workouts. Bonus!

Today, the Photo a Day assignment was yourself. What a better way to portray myself than sweaty and on the treadmill. It’s pretty much what I do everyday, anyway. And my blog ends up with a bonus photo…

Have you tried running a negative split outdoors? Were you successful? How about during a race?

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  1. Amanda says:

    You know I’m all about a good sweaty photo!

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