Running in chains…literally

Ahhh! Overnight rain and snow, then temperatures dipping back below freezing. For Minnesota, that means ice. Determined to get that run in no matter what today, I decided to break out the chains. Not the tire chains, mind you, but the sneaker chains. I figured if worse came to worse and the roads weren’t that bad, I could remove them mid run. I hadn’t really thought about where I would keep them…but I digress.

These things are pretty darn nifty. In the end, the only trouble I had that I was running in slushy puddles so my toes were getting wet. The toe band on these started annoying my big toes. I don’t know it is because my shoes got wet, or because they were just too tight around the toes. If I have to wear them again, I’ll put a kitchen sponge or something similar under the band at the toe. I think that will do the trick.

After I got home and conversed with my husband, he was quite shocked that I ran in them. But to be honest, there was a comfort factor associated with them that even made those shiny areas not so scary. I didn’t slip once. Perhaps the road just wasn’t icy. But still, I’m glad I put them on.

It was an easy 10 miler today. I’m happy to have gotten the milage in since the cold returns for the weekend. Sunday is promising to be the next warm day. We will see what the weekend brings.

Today, I overdressed. I know, right? It was mild. and I wore one too many tops. Could have done without the extra. But I was bright and neon. That is all that matters.

I just noticed I’m already at 291 miles for 2013. Not too shabby. I didn’t set a goal for the year. Perhaps I should. What about you? Do you have a mileage goal for 2013?

*Note: This really was a nice steady run with the elevation in heart rate at the end coming with the increase in elevation. You can see where I stopped for a gel and some liquid!

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