Runs with Photos

Cold again today. I forget that I live in Minnesota. I should just look at every opportunity I get to run outdoors as a bonus.

Today was no exception. The sun was bright and Tuesday is run day. So, despite the 19° on the thermometer, and the 10 mph breeze, I was determined to make the best of it. Three layers on top. two below. And I brought my camera. Pulling my iPhone out of the arm sleeve takes too long.

I head out a little after 9:00 am. Yep, it’s windy. But I have my new, trusty, windproof, Brooks jacket on. Not a problem. I have my camera in my waist pack. But, I don’t get 15 feet from my front door before I pull it out. I see my schmookie (Dakota) sitting high atop a snow bank in our driveway. He’s got his face into the wind, and he is just inhaling all there is to inhale in the country air.

Out the driveway and up the dirt road, which is icy as hell. In fact, as I hit the pavement, I realize it is not much better. Oh well, I’ll just take my time. I’m in no hurry today.
I decide to head south. The wind is coming at me. I’m thinking the trip back will be better. This route is all up hill going out, so it will be a good opportunity for me to work on a negative split.
The roads are not good. Not good for a running chick anyway. Thank goodness it is after rush time and the road is relatively empty. I spend most of my run in the middle of it.

I’m coming up to my half way/turnaround point. This side of the road is in the shade so I’m hoping the run back will allow me to get onto the shoulder, at least.

As I get to the corner, I figure I may as well keep snapping photos. This is the day for it. This barn kinda caught my interest because of it’s color against the snow and the sky.

Time to turnaround. As I do, there is a farmer pulling a trailer. Farmers are the worst when it comes to giving you room…especially the old ones. They refuse to move over even a foot. So I’m wise to always watch them as they pass me, lest they run me down.

Next photo shows the 3 mile return trip due north.

There is a little more shoulder room, but it looks treacherous to say the least. I’ll just have to take it easy.

The majority of the run back north is downhill, thank goodness. That is, until the final mile, when it decidedly turns uphill.

This is the final mile and a half.

And you thought there were no hills in Minnesota!

These are cows.

We have lots of these in Minnesota. These always bellow to me as I pass, as if to say, “There goes that crazy lady, running in the bitter cold.”

Yep, I’m crazy alright. Snow, ice, bad roads, sunshine. All in all, almost a 7-miler, in under an hour. I know I could have gone further, too. I felt that good today. But there will be time for a long run on Thursday, I hope. The weather looks promising.

Then again, this is Minnesota.

Did you run today? Was it cold?

2 Responses to Runs with Photos

  1. Good for you for running in that weather because you wouldn’t catch me out there. I am in DC. I can deal with SOME cold, but a bunch of snow? Thanks but no thanks. haha.

    I’m actually taking a break from marathon training right now. My foot is bothering me..:-(
    Finally have my podiatrist appointment today.

  2. Good luck with that appointment. I hope it isn’t serious!

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