My vitamins came! My vitamins came!
Actually, they arrived Tuesday but I’m just getting around to posting about them. Here are the three that I ordered. And here is what they are supposed to do.
Magnesium Glycinate 100: Generally, American’s don’t get near enough Magnesium as they should. I have even heard that one of the reasons we have so many children in this country being diagnosed with ADD has to do with the lack of Magnesium in our diets. It also supports bone health, relaxes muscles and nerves, assists with falling asleep and staying asleep (this I can attest to this week), reduces anxiety, helps balance blood sugar, and supports normal blood pressure. I have seen the sleep attributes in full force. I take two of these twice a day, once in the morning, and once late in the afternoon. I’m definitely sleepier before bed and when I do wake up to let the dogs out, or pee, or what have you, I’m falling right back asleep. I wouldn’t believe this if it hasn’t been happening. And I have the sleep data to prove it!
Next up is L-Glutamine Powder. This is a great, fast dissolving tasteless powder that I put in my morning glass of water. Glutamine is an amino acid has been shown useful in healing from injuries, surgeries and the like. It also speeds up the healing time. It has been proven effective for weight lifters, body builders and endurance athletes as these kinds of activities create micro-tears in the muscle fiber.  Healing them effectively and efficiently can only help this kind of athlete.
Finally, Bifido Powder. Again, a great, fast dissolving tasteless powder that I take in the morning. Bifido is a pro-biotic. This means it keeps your gut clean and healthy. It helps keep those bowels moving, too!
I have been relatively pleased with them so far. The Bifido makes my intestines churn a bit after dinner, but otherwise, I have had no unpleasant side effects. Of course, I already mentioned the sleep improvements, and I’m not sure how to visualize any changes from the L-Glutamine, but I’ll keep you posted.
Here in Minnesota we have a station that broadcasts Dishing Up Nutrition. It is really fascinating  and great to listen to while your on the treadmill. You can download the podcasts at the link above. They refer their clients to a site called Weight and Wellness. You can purchase these products here if you like, or find similar ones at another retailer.

So, there you have it! More useless information. Or useful, whatever the case may be. I’m just passing it along to you if you are so inclined to listen. Enjoy!

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