Beyond The Half


That is the word I’ll use to describe the day’s run. Enlightened.

Last night I mapped out a few runs beyond the half. Here is my thinking.

Hal wanted me to go 9 miles tomorrow. But it supposed to be a crappy day. He also wants me to go 15 miles next Saturday. But I plan to run the Chocoholic Frolic 10K that day. The weathermen promised us an amazing day today. I had the time…I took a rest day yesterday. Why not give a good distance a try?

My sister and I (The Petite Pacer) have been discussing what my pace should be for my upcoming marathon. Since we are both still very new to this running thing, and filling our heads with tons of information, we kind of thought the only way I would know how fast I could run it would be to actually run one. But, I have also read that you shouldn’t run a marathon for marathon training. That would defeat the purpose. I also know that Hal calls for a 20-miler in May, as the last long run before the taper period. I thought, perhaps, since I’m already an experienced runner that it wouldn’t hurt to add a second, especially since I can take it easy this week.

It took a while for this great day to take shape. It started showering in the morning, and it was still cold. But by 11:30 am, it began to clear. I questioned again whether I should try that 19.5 miler I mapped out, or just do the 9 that Hal is calling for tomorrow. I never really know until I get out there. So I prepped for the long run and went out the door.

New CW-X Compression Capris. Neon is my color…

By that time, the sun was shining! Yay! I dressed perfectly, in my new CW-X Compression Capris, compression socks, a long sleeved shirt and a long sleeved jacket…plus a hat. The temp was 38° at start time but it warmed up fast. And at mile 5, when I had to decide whether to go long or short, I made the decision to go for it. I called my husband to let him know I’d be another hour and a half, at least, so he didn’t start worrying.

I just kind of ran. I had no pace in mind. I just made sure I was “comfortable”. I didn’t want to over exert myself. I just wanted to be able to finish the run. I think for the most part, I probably started too fast, although, like I said, I was comfortable. Slower than comfortable might be a better way to start.


But amazingly, even during the back half of the run, I could easily increase my pace without getting my heart rate up too high. Clearly, my lungs are not the issue. My legs on the other hand. Holy crap.


At mile 14, I was feeling it. My calves were getting tight…not to mention my butt. I started increasing the time in which I’d stop for some Energy Gels. Every time I took some, there was relief…but the further I went, the lesser the amount of time the relief lasted. This made me think I should have started taking them earlier. I didn’t take my first dose until mile 5.


By mile 16, everything from my ass to my ankles was just screaming. I was having serious doubts, at this point, if I could finish. But just as that thought crossed my mind, the road changed from uphill to downhill and I got another wind. Thank goodness! I also got excruciatingly thirsty. I had brought along a 10 oz. bottle of Cytomax, and a 10 oz. bottle of water. I finished the Cytomax at mile 14. And they water wasn’t cutting it. Clearly, I need two bottles of electrolyte fluid, and I’ll save the water for the water stops.


But it was pretty obvious, that with the final mile all uphill, that I wasn’t going to go any further. Once the route leveled out, I considered making it an even 20, but I didn’t want to risk it. Besides, I was out of fluid, and I was sooooo thirsty. It was time to call it. I did notice, however, I didn’t have any pain in the balls of my feel like the last time I ran more than 13 miles. This tells me that the Brooks Cadence will do the job for the marathon. And it takes a great load off of my mind.


I’m really pleased. I’m pleased as punch. And happy to say, enlightened. I learned a lot on this run. And I’m glad I went the extra mile…literally.

And I can sleep in tomorrow!

When was the last time you were enlightened? Did it happen on a run?


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  1. AWESOME, Theresa! This is the info you need to plan for your marathon. And what a great pace, too! SO PROUD!!!

  2. Jan says:

    AWESOME run! Sounds like you are well on your way to being ready for the marathon!

  3. That is awesome…way to kill it! Following your blog now…follow back if you like at

  4. Nice to meet you, Survivor! I’m following! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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