Feeling Good 101

In my ultimate quest to get this whole healthy living thing down pat, the hardest piece has been trying to determine just what is healthy and what isn’t. There is just so much information out there. And we have access to all of it. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone likes to quote sources from those who share their opinion. And everyone thinks they are right. It is overwhelming, confusing, and downright daunting to take on the challenge of determining the best way to live your life.

I run. This is true. I also do resistance training. It is the same program I have done for three years. Even my girlie doctor is surprised at my tenacity.

“You’ve been doing P90X for three years? With no breaks?” She asks, almost dumbfounded.
“Not a one…well, except for the few family vacations, and ultra bad viruses,” I reply.

Why is she so surprised? I’m not sure. Am I expected to take breaks from regular exercise? I would have thought that I’d have earned a gold star for being so consistent. I’m completely healthy, she says, in “amazing” condition. Does this mean I deserve to be a glutton and return to my evil ways for a while?

I try to educate myself as much as I can. And I adjust my lifestyle accordingly, to see what might work for me. I’ve been laying off the alcohol to see if I sleep better and if the night sweats disappear. It hasn’t been 100% better, but I’d say it is 75% better. I have also been reading “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis about the harsh effects that modern day wheat has possibly been having on modern man. Funny, but a lot of my other troubling symptoms I can relate to his theories. No, I don’t believe I am gluten intolerant. But I do believe I get a reaction to wheat and gluten in the form of bloating and belly pain. The same goes for lactose and sugar. I have noticed that as I have cut these foods out of my diet, mysterious things happen. Good things like no more belly pain at night. Or that the rosacea on my face has all but disappeared. And that I’m more clear headed throughout the day. And my mood has improved. Can this be all a placebo effect, or am I doing something right?

Last year when I asked her about the night sweats, she told me to turn up the air conditioning. When I asked her about the belly pain, she suggested to eat more fiber.

“But, that gives me more belly pain,” I told her.
“Then drink more water,” she replied.

Hmmm…I run, and I lift weights. You don’t think I drink enough water? I’m thinking that isn’t the answer. I guess I just keep hearing my dad’s words in the back of my mind. “If you want something done right, you have to just do it yourself.” Perhaps all this information is a good thing, if you don’t take it all too seriously and use it as a guide rather than gospel. And just try to determine what works best for you.

I can tell you that it is better to be somewhat over-educated and to be brave enough…or determined enough…to try an alternative, than to be floating out there feeling miserable and helpless in finding the answers to what ails you. I have to believe I’m doing something right. Even though everyday can prove to be a learning experience. And all the while the skeptics, or those who don’t share your opinion, look down upon you like a bug on the sidewalk, wanting to halt your progress in any which direction. It can be looked at as being frustrating for most. But for me it is more of an experiment, a challenge…a quest. How healthy can I get? I guess we will see. For now, I feel pretty damn good. And proud that I did it all by myself.

Marathon Training: Day 31 (for those who care)
Today, Hal said to run 6. I did it on the treadmill, thanks to today’s lovely Minnesota spring (NOT) temperatures. I started at 6 mph and worked my way to 7 mph by mile 5. It was a nice and easy run. And I got to watch the Biggest Loser as I ran. BONUS!

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  1. Whatever it is you are doing it sure looks like it is working and working AWESOME to me!!!

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