Marathon Preparedness

Boy, I’m whooped. And I didn’t even run today! But I kept very busy. This included P90X Legs and Back and a 6 mile treadmill walk. I’m hold out hope that it will actually make it to 32° tomorrow. Hal is calling for 12. My run will have to wait until about that time, too. The girls have horsey lesson. Plus, I figure there will be a better chance that it will be close to that temperature by that time.

I’m kind of looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. It doesn’t happen often, especially if I try to get that run in before the girls’ lesson. I think I need the extra sleep.

I bought myself a Mophie to keep my iPhone charged through a long run. I’m starting to believe that it wouldn’t make it through an entire marathon, all the while playing music, checking my heartrate and running Runmeter all at the same time. The only thing is, I’ll need a larger armband. Yeah, I can squeeze it in the one I have, but the protective flap won’t close. It would be OK in sunshine, but quite a different story in the rain.

My phone usually makes it through a half marathon run, so it would be useless to test it tomorrow. I really don’t hit any super long runs with Hal’s program until April. This is a good thing. The weather should be better by then. Well, at least, one can only hope.

Do you run with a phone GPS or do you prefer a watch? 

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