Marathon Training: Day 20

I took it outdoors this morning. Call me crazy, but there was no weather. The temperature was above freezing…and the radar showed nothing nearby for a few hours at least. My husband was surprised I was heading out. And he warned me that the driveway looked bad. So, I pulled on the Ice Treckers at the last moment to get me off the property and up the big hill outside our driveway. I’m so glad I did. It was like grease. The snow had melted on top of the ice and there was no walking on it without the extra traction. But as soon as I hit the pavement of the main road, all was clear. I took off the treckers and held them for the duration…or at least until I had to make my way back to the house.

Hal told me to run slower than Wednesday. And I swear, I felt like I was. Yet, Runmeter told me I was going faster. I kept trying to slow it down everytime I got an update. It is rather clear that my “comfortable” pace is getting faster. At one point, I heard my sister, The Petite Pacer, say “It looks like you are running tempo intervals?” I thought to myself, “No, I’m just trying to run slower than Wednesday, and this is what that looks like!” Between the variable hills on this route, and me trying to run slow, I end up with what looks exactly like tempo intervals! Go figure!

I also ran sans glasses today, which despite the fact that I couldn’t see, worked out great because there was nothing to fog up on me. That was kind of nice.

The sneakers performed like a champ. I’m real happy with them. Now I just have to see how they handle long distances. Hal calls for an 11-miler next Saturday. I’m running a 7k that day, so I may switch my long run to Thursday, weather permitting.

I also broke down and bought a Fitbit.

I was so excited to sleep with it last night, that in my haste, I neglected to read the instructions. I was supposed to tell it I was going to sleep. Ooops! Well, tonight is another night. My  6+ miler today was about 12,000 steps. Seems fair. I’m sure I’ll add on to that throughout the day. I’m looking forward to seeing what my 90-minute treadmill walks turns out to be!

Are you a gadget junkie? What is your latest electronic must-have?

2 Responses to Marathon Training: Day 20

  1. OMG. Should *I* get a fitbit now, too? I’ll have to research!

  2. It is a pretty nifty device. I like the alarm function. I have to sync it to check out what the sleep stats look like.

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