Marathon Training: Day 29

Gee, has it really been almost a month since I started training? It sure doesn’t seem like that. Although, much of it has been done on the treadmill. Today was no exception.

Blizzard warning. You heard me. Blizzard warning. We really didn’t get the blizzard, so to speak. But it did snow, and the wind did howl. And driving in it was not pleasant.

Today was a P90X day. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, to be exact. It came and went. And then I got on the treadmill. Normally, Hal would call this a rest day. But I pretty much did that yesterday. Normally, I’d do a 90-minute treadmill walk following P90X, but for some reason, I felt like running today. Not crazy running…just light running. Is there such a thing?

I figured my regular treadmill walk is 4.2 mph, so if I upped it just a little bit, I’d be jogging. And can a light jog really hurt? So, after a 10-minute warm up walk, I jumped in at 5.0 mph. Eh, not feeling it. Then I upped it to 5.5. Better…good to continue the warm up. After 15 minutes or so, I went up to 6.0 mph. Now THIS is a comfortable running pace. To double check it, I turned on my metronome. Yep, this is reasonable.

And, I kept on running. My elevation was set to 1.5. So, it wasn’t a cake walk. But it was easy. And I never struggled. And it was OK. The final 10 minutes, I upped it to 6.2. Altogether, with a 10-minute warm up walk and a 10-minute cool down walk, I did about 9 miles.

Brooks Pure Cadence-The Original

I gotta admit, that I love my new Brooks Pure Cadence. These are the original Cadence. I’m reading that the Pure Cadence 2 do not compare to the originals. Of course they don’t. Already, the Pure Cadence originals are scarce. But I found a pair today at a ski and sport store, of all places. I think this could be the marathon sneaker. they feel much like the Brooks Launch, but they have the extra padding right where I need it at the ball of the foot. I’ll know more when I run more than a half marathon in them. And I’ll have an opportunity in the next few weeks, according to Hal.

Of course, my biggest challenge the next few weeks will be getting outside as winter rages on here in Minnesota. All we can do at this point is pray. Eventually, the snow will stop, right?

A hole in the clouds just for me!

That big hole in the sky is for me…I know it is!

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  1. I tried the new cadence a few weeks ago. It really hurt the top of my foot. I had to send them back. ;(

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