Toe caps, dinner, and other randomness

It seems as though the groundhog was wrong about the winter here in Minnesota. Come to think of it, I don’t think he has ever gotten it quite right. It remains cold. And although I have figured out how to keep my fingers from turning white during my runs, I still have an issue with my toes.

I like my toe sox. They keep me from getting blisters on the undersides of my toes. But it means they don’t stay as warm as they would in regular socks. And wearing two pairs, or even thicker socks is out. So, I came up with a novel idea. Toe caps! What did I do? I cut off the top end of my husbands socks, and just slipped them over my toes!

Why my husband’s socks? Well, why would I ruin a perfectly good pair of my own socks? Besides, he’ll never know.

They work like a charm! Now, if I could only market them…

Speaking of dinner…hold on. Did I mention dinner? Oh, sorry. Well, I made a great dinner tonight. I know my family appreciates it. I always hear “Great meal, honey” from my husband and my girls will tell me “this is a keeper, mom” which means I have permission to make it again. I guess what I’m missing is the fanfare. Where is the confetti? Where are the dancing elephants? Where are the roses? How about “Oh my god…that was the best meal EVER and thank you SO MUCH for feeding us such healthy, delicious meals and caring about our well-being to the point that you spend hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove for OUR benefit!”

Am I expecting too much? Well, whatever. Here is what I made tonight. Breakfast pizza. Whole wheat biscuit crust, rice milk roux, farm fresh eggs scrambled in coconut oil, onions, mushrooms, and wilted spinach with a six cheese Italian blend. Can you taste it? Well, it was the best meal ever!

Friday is weigh in day, too. After my sister posted an article about eating disorders of runners on Facebook, I wasn’t sure I should even post this today. Am I a bit anal about my weight? Am I worrying about it too much? I mean, I’m just trying to run and finish a marathon. I’m not looking to make the Olympic team. I suppose my issue is that 5 pounds in either direction is a lot for me. It makes a huge difference in my running ability not to mention in how my clothes fit. If I were 5’8″ and 140 pounds, it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, but at 5’4″, it is almost 5% of my total weight. Plus, I lift weights with P90X, and I know that muscle is way more dense than fat. So, a good chunk of this number is muscle. This is good. 

So, my new focus is to just keep my weight between 114 and 118. That sounds fair. And the weekly weigh in will just be a reminder to keep it there. Sound reasonable?

Today was P90X Legs and Back, followed by a treadmill walk. I’m determined to take my 9-mile run outdoors tomorrow, cold or not. The sun should be shining. And that should be enough.

What did you have for dinner tonight? Was there any fanfare?

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  1. Im guessing that the toe socks stayed in place?! I picture them sliding around and maybe bunching at the top!

  2. They stayed put! i think because they were over another pair of socks. If you had them just by themselves, I imagine they might slide around.

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