Can't we all just get along?

I guess I’m just disheartened. What is wrong with our world today? When I was a youngster, life was so carefree. Our parents worked their asses off so that they could keep a roof over our heads, nourish us, take us on camping trips, and allow us to just be. We were taught to respect our elders, or basically anyone at all who treated us with respect. We were taught that if we wanted something special, anything special, that was beyond their means, we had to work for it ourselves. We held jobs as early as 12 years old. We had bank accounts. We did our chores. We did our homework. We helped out around the house. And we were sure to be home by 6:00 pm for dinner with the family. Our business was our business. There was no bragging, no complaining. We didn’t wear our problems or our discrepancies on our sleeves. We kept our political views to ourselves and our religion remained in our hearts. And we certainly didn’t rub anything in anyone’s faces. We just lived our lives.

Today, it seems so much different. Everyone is in everyone else’s business. If we don’t agree with someone, our faces get rubbed in the mud and we are treated like we are stupid or uneducated or diseased. We believe we are right and they are wrong. We gloat about how we are so different and why we deserve to be treated differently. We gloat about it. We boast about it. We demand equality though what we really demand is differentiality. We insist on sharing our unhappiness or our misfortunes with others. And some of us take it out on innocent people. Innocent people who just want to live their lives…who just want to go to school, or go to work, or run.

I have no issues with anyone in the human race. After all, we are all human. If you want to be liberal, then be liberal. If you want to be conservative, then be conservative. If you want to be Jewish, then be Jewish. If you want to be Godless, then be Godless. If you want to be gay, then be gay. If you want to be white, then be white. If you want to be black, then be black. If you want to wallow in your own depression, then wallow in your own depression. If you want to drink Big Gulps, then drink Big Gulps. If you want to worship cows, then worship cows. If you want to wash your feet in public restrooms, then bring your own equipment. But keep it to yourself. No one else needs to know your business. No one else cares about your business. No one wants to hear you rant about how right you are and how wrong they are. No one wants to be chastised because they believe in Jesus on a cross and you don’t. No one wants to be dragged into your circle of self pity. And no one wants to pay for your mistakes. Be yourself…yes. But be respectful of others. Spare those around you. Work hard. Believe in yourself. Help others when you can. And raise your children to do the same. The ones who knife down people in the street, or shoot school children, or bomb marathon finish lines, or fly planes into skyscrapers, were clearly not raised this way and this is why they do what they do.

We are inherently good. But we must learn to be good again. We must learn to respect each other again.

And above all, we must learn to be human again.

Wearing my race gear

…because you cannot defeat the tenacity of the American spirit. God bless Boston.

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  1. Jan says:

    Amen, T. Well said.

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