Marathon Training: Week 9

Week 9? Seriously? I’m getting nervous now. There are lots of little issues arising and I’m hoping I can nip them at the bud before I get too much further.

Tuesday’s Run: This was supposed to be a 4-miler. But, I would be in school for Wednesday’s 7-miler, plus the weather was scheduled to roll down hill and pick up steam. Besides, it was the day after the Boston Marathon Bombing and I felt like 4 just wouldn’t be enough. So I ran my County Road 2 route, which basically takes me due south for 3.5 miles, and then doubles back home. Heading south, it is pretty much uphill. Heading home, downhill. I like this route because it forces me to head out slow. This day was no exception.

The weather was bearable. At least the sun was shining. The temperature at run time was about 36°. I could have waited until it turned the promised 44°, but time was already slipping past. I bundled, learning a hard lesson from Saturday’s run. Besides, the breeze was pretty brisk.

I’m developing an issue with calf tightening…and I’m talking tight. If I had to put a cause on it, I’d blame it on the sneakers because it is the only thing that has changed in the past few weeks. I normally run with my Brooks Launch. But I have been testing out sneakers with a bit more padding that might take me through the marathon so I changed it up to the original Brooks Pure Cadence.

The first few runs in them were just dandy. In fact, I did that 19-miler just a few weeks ago with no issues. That was just a week into wearing them. But now, I can’t shake the calf tightness. I wear my Launch’s on the treadmill, and I have no issues there. My next test will be to return to the Launch for the next outdoor run…whenever that may be, to test the theory. Next Saturday is the Get In Gear 10K and I’d like to know which shoes to run in for that event.

Regardless, I ended up doing just 6.77 miles thanks to the calves. Here is the run data. Still, a respectable 8:00 pace.

Wednesday’s Run: I had class this day, so it was a treadmill workout. I did the 4-miles I was scheduled to do Tuesday. I opted for some speed work this particular morning since I was feeling rather spry.

I started with a 10-minute warm up walk. Then I began the run at 6.5 mph. I increased .1 mph every minute for the first 10 minutes until I reached 7.5 mph. Then I upped it to 8.5 mph for .25 miles. I did a .5 mile recovery run at 7.5 mph. And I repeated this sequence until I was finished. Again, a pretty respectable time, and the run data really shows how my heart rate changed during the faster intervals. Kewl!

Thursday’s Run: I went into today’s run with no plan in mind. I knew that Hal called for another 4-miler, and I had no inclination to do any more or any less. When I hopped on the treadmill, I felt pretty good and up for a bit of a challenge. So here is what I did.

I started with a 10-minute warm up walk. Then I began the run at 6.5 mph. I increased .1 mph every minute. And I just kept increasing it. By the last few seconds, I reached 9.5 mph! No kidding! And I felt pretty good. Each time, I eased my way into the pace I had just increased to. A minute was the perfect amount of time. The run data shows a nice, steady increase in the heart rate. Nothing fancy, and nothing too unmanageable. And I finished 3 minutes faster than Wednesday’s run. I then really cooled down with a 2-mile walk.

Treadmill Cartoon

Hal wants me to take Friday and Saturday off, and then run a half marathon on Sunday. As fickle as it is here in Minnesota this year, and with the snow coming down as I type, yet again…I have no idea how the rest of the week will play out. Temperatures should reach the mid and upper 40’s this weekend a midst some showers. I may have to run a midst them as well. I really want to try my sneaker test.

64 days and counting!


What are you counting down for these days? A race? An event? A birthday?

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