Rave Run?

Pretty trees...for lets say JANUARY.

If you subscribe to Runner’s World Magazine, you know that at the start of the publication there is always this photo of an athletic, beautiful (or handsome) runner on an equally atheletic, beautiful trail somewhere in the world. That person is running, and the scenery is breathtaking. Thus, the name for the full page spread is “Rave Run”. I thought about this as I ran today. It being April 20th, and the scenery I had. Could this be a “rave run”? Ha Ha! I think NOT. But Runner’s World would probably get a chuckle if I submitted it as such. Here is just a small visual of  what I ran today.

Looking North

Looking North

Looking South

Looking South

Pretty trees...for lets say JANUARY.

Pretty trees…for lets say JANUARY.

A “rave run”? Dare I rave?

The crazy thing about this whole frickin’ Minnesota never-ending winter is that as I made my way home during my cool-down walk, the frogs were just singing their little froggy tunes despite the fact the pond they were in was still ice covered. Bizarre, to say the least.

Today’s Run

Switched back to the Launch this run...

Switched back to the Launch this run…

I could lie and tell you it was great. But it wasn’t. It started out just fine, really. The first 5-miles out were no big deal. I fought the uphill battle south today because it forces me to start slow and I wanted to force myself to run a faster second half. But at the 5-mile turn around, my calves started singing. I did everything in my power to shut them up. I even played mind games with them, trying to tell them that they didn’t hurt. And they better stop hurting. But they have pretty strong will power.

I switched it up today and ran in the Launch. It clearly isn’t the sneakers. This is good news because I really like the Cadence. And I think they will be a great choice for the marathon. The Launch just don’t have enough padding to go the distance.

But there is an issue with my calves. I can’t think of much else that has changed recently. If anything I’m lighter on my feet since I’ve dropped quite a few pounds since I went wheat-less. The only thing I can attribute it to is poor form, or perhaps over-training. Right now, I’m leaning towards over training. Here is why.

I have no calf issues on the treadmill. And I have no calf issues running downhill outside. Or walking. It is the uphill climbs, or even the gentle upslopes that are killing me. I’m halfway into my marathon training and my gut tells me to back off and stretch it out this week. Sure, I’ll do a few days of gently walking just to keep up my stamina, but I think I need to lay off the run. Saturday is the Get In Gear 10k. Right now the weather looks just awful (what else is new…). I think I’ll forgo the PR attempt for this run and just try to recoup this week, focusing on the foam roller and alternating the ice and heat packs. I’m not one to medicate with pain relievers unless things get really bad, but I may try some Advil this go around. This has been a real disappointment for me, plus it has me puzzled. I’m going to read though my Chi Running book again and practice the moves to see if perhaps my form is faltering. I suppose that it could be the lack of warm weather as well. Perhaps my body is just tired of running in the cold and my muscles are retaliating. Who knows?

But, today was not the half-marathon run that Hal would have liked me to run. I’m not going to sweat it, because I managed to finish it. Now I just need to regroup.

On the positive side, I did get to try out some new products today. My flip belt arrived, and I can already tell it will come in handy for the marathon. You can stuff a lot of energy gels in that baby without it getting too bulky. I don’t think I’d ever put my phone in it, though. It would be too hard to access while on the move. But for everything else, it would work. I ordered the small in neon yellow but now I question if I should have gotten the x-small. It will be a bit too loose in the summer. But if I wear it above my hydration belt, I won’t have to worry about it too much.

Flip Belt and energy choices.

Flip Belt and energy choices.

I sampled the Vega One Sport Endurance Gel today in the orange flavor. These are interesting. At first, it was quite a shock because they are kind of chewy. I can’t explain it. It is like there are small pieces of orange rind, or something chewy in there. I hated it at first, but I don’t eat a full packet at once. So each time I took a shot, it grew on me. It wasn’t too sweet, and the texture kind of took my mind off the run for a while. For sure, you need liquid to chase this down. I’ll have to try this one again to see how I really like it.

I also brought the Bonk Breaker Energy Bar with me in Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor. I didn’t get to try this baby until my cool-down walk, as I was so preoccupied with my calves. And I only ate a few bites of it. The taste is great! And it is for sure a chunky power bar. It is pretty sweet, though. My teeth immediately hurt. So a few nibbles was all I could muster. I could see how this would be a great post-run treat for me. But I couldn’t consume it during a run.

Today's hydration choice.

Today’s hydration choice.

For my hydration choice, I chose the Metagenics Endura formula in orange flavor, and the Coco Cafe Latte. I brought along a bottle of each and they did the job. Although, granted, I didn’t need a whole lot since the temperature wasn’t anywhere near dehydration numbers. And I have to admit, that near the end, I was grateful for the Coco Cafe Latte. It was just the boost I needed. This is a great little product if you haven’t yet tried it.

Temperature at run time.

Temperature at run time.

Yep, that was the temperature at run time. Let me repeat…April 20th…Before I left the house, I rethought my clothing choice and ended up changing not once, but twice. I had awful visions of what happened to me last Saturday, realizing that it wasn’t any warmer than that day, although the sun was shining today and there appeared to be no wind. But I didn’t want to risk it. I’m getting way too cold on my runs lately. So, I opted to double up on my leggings, and throw my Brooks jacket on last minute. I also pulled out some hand warmers to stick in my gloves (SO glad I did this!), and my Turtle Fur balaclava for my head and neck. Again, wise choice.

The complete ensemble, minus the sunglasses.

The complete ensemble, minus the sunglasses.

Note the smile. That was before I headed out…

But, I’m home now, and survived to tell the tale. The hot shower was glorious. And I plan to foam roll in just a bit for as I sat here typing this, I can feel them tightening up again.

Think I’ll try some Advil, too.

Do you medicate your aches and pains? What do you take? Does it work for you?

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  1. Celia says:

    I really think you may be doing those hills on the balls of your feet…..

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