Recovery, A Runner Box, and Rain Ahead

What? You mean to tell me I ran just shy of 20 miles and I could walk the next day? That seems illogical. Sure, my knees were burning a bit as I made it up and down the stairs, but otherwise, nary a symptom. Hmmm. What does this mean?

It wasn’t even like a joggers pace, either. It was a real run…to see what I could do. Could I have gone 6 more? That is probably the biggest question.

I took Saturday off from the run. It was a busy day, as we planned to celebrate Easter that evening. Therefore, I was on my feet all day cooking. That probably helped. Besides, I did run almost 20 miles the day before, right? I iced my knees, calves and ankles both Friday and Saturday night. By Sunday, I was on the treadmill doing a shake down walk. I went 6 miles with no trouble and I iced my knees again that night. Monday, I did an 8-mile treadmill walk. And, today, a 4-mile treadmill run. I feel completely recovered.

I would dare to say, all I have to do is stay injury free, and I’m thinkin’ this marathon won’t be nearly as difficult as I had imagined…knock on wood.

How excited was I to receive my first Runner Box on Monday! I swear I just ordered it on Friday and already it arrived.
What did I find inside? All kinds of cool stuff! First, a pair of running gloves…gosh only knows I can’t get too many of those.
     Here is what else I got:
  • Shower Pill Fresh & Clean BodyWipe
  • A Gluten Free Bonk Breaker in Peanut Butter and Jelly Flavor
  • GU Chomps in Lemon Flavor
  • Extreme Sports Beans with Caffeine in Pomegranate Flavor
  • Emergen-C Joint Health Supplement in Tangerine Flavor
  • Chocolate Agave #9 Slo-Burn Energy Gel (hello)
Not to mention, a hand written note asking my shoe size for April’s box. How super extreme is that?
It should be fun to test all these products as my runs will progressively get longer and longer over the next few weeks.
As for the Minnesota weather? Gawd…it is just taking forever for Spring to arrive. BUT, it looks like 50° is in the cards for tomorrow and Thursday’s run. Saturday’s Chocoholic Frolic looks to be rainy and cold. Ah, but whatever…I’ll just suck it up and run. I’m feeling that damn good.
What is your most bestest weather conditions to run in?

3 Responses to Recovery, A Runner Box, and Rain Ahead

  1. I still believe 3:30 max.

  2. It’s always fun to get those packages in the mail…makes my day! Blessings!

    Shannon @I Survived & Now I Run

  3. MotherRunner says:

    That box looks awesome – Chocolate #9 is my favorite! Found you through Running Bloggers!

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