To Hell and Beyond

Today I had the craziest run ever. I’m totally sure I bonked, yet somehow I finished the distance Hal asked me to. And with a respectable pace, none the less!

It was supposed to reach 38° with some sunshine. But as I sit here, an hour after my run, it is still only 33° and cloudy. We did not hit that glorious 38° and every extremity of my body was writhing in pain. I was SO DAMN COLD. This is clearly a sign of the body saying, “Hey! Isn’t it spring? I’ve already started thinning out your blood. What is this crap you are subjecting me to?”

Here is the crazy thing. I started out slow, because I am quite sore from yesterday’s P90X Legs and Back. And despite the fact that I remind myself never, ever, EVER do that workout before a long run, sometimes I still forget…until I’m running. The first 5-miles were great. I warmed up nicely to the point that nothing felt sore. The second 5-miles started to get a little dicey. And I started to get cold. Not only that, but I realized that the route I traced out for myself was no where near 15-miles, so I had to regroup and figure out how to make up the last 5-miles just 1.5 miles from home. This was challenging. But engaging at the same time. And I was still hitting it with a great pace.

Mile 10 started out great, but it went downhill fast. My calves were so darn tight. I couldn’t feel my toes anymore. And my fingers, aw hell…they were dead. I was doing everything in my power just to keep moving. I doubled back so I could make up the final 5 miles and this turned out to be mainly an uphill battle. I found myself having to slow to a walk up the steepest hills. I truly felt like I had hit a wall. Breathing wise, I was fine…but my legs. OMG…right down to the core. I was in serious discomfort. The workout was revealing itself and I was paying the price. At 14-miles and with almost no where left to run, I decided to bag it. But…out of nowhere, I got a burst of energy. There was a road to the right where I could make up the last mile. I figured, aw heck, I’m gonna need a longer cool down today anyway, just to stretch out my calves…so I went for it.

I made it to 15-miles in just a little over 2 hours. Holy hell. How did I do that? By this point, I had to pull my fingers out of my gloves and put them back on closed fisted. I had to get some warmth back into my hands. My face was numb…my toes, well, forget about them. My calves were screaming, and my glutes were no better. I had about a half mile or so left to hike back home. And the wind was picking up…just…make…it…home…Theresa…coffee…is…waiting…

I walked through the door and couldn’t utter a word. I could barely get my sneakers off. I shuffled into my room which is the warmest room in the house this time of the day and stretched it out…for about 30 minutes. Then, I took my gloves and socks off. Oh, it was bad. I can’t even describe the color. I immediately took a hot shower. I’ve never felt so physically awful after a run, yet so emotionally great. It was kinda scary.

I also re-compressed after I decompressed. I put on my compression Capri’s, compression socks, a second pair of socks, a pair of sweatpants, and two long sleeve shirts. Then I came out and made a recovery shake. I didn’t get my coffee. And as I type this, everything is throbbing from the waist down.

If I were bolder, I’d insist that we move to a warmer climate. This is just too much. Even for Minnesota.

I just pray I can get out of bed in the morning.

Today’s Run Data

What stupid things have you done before a run that you’ve regretted?

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4 Responses to To Hell and Beyond

  1. Celia says:

    I sure hope you’re gonna be ok.

  2. Jen says:

    I feel you on the hard workouts before a long run. I’ve made the same mistake with CrossFit. My mistakes are more likely to involve eating or drinking something the night before a long run. I’ve learned I can’t eat red meat or anything alcoholic the night before. I had a not-so-great six miler today after a martini last night. Maybe I haven’t ACTUALLY learned….

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