Wheat-Less, Weigh Less?

Mighty me!

I’m not quite sure what to think about how my weight has been affected by new eating habits and it is hard to pinpoint the reason why I have lost quite a few pounds since February. There have been too many extenuating factors to give one credit over the other. But since I have eliminated a food group, in most cases, every two weeks or so, I’m almost certain that in my case, it is the removal of wheat that has made the big difference.

If you have been following my blog, or if you just check my Weigh Ins, my weight was typically between 115-120 pounds. Since I’m 5’4″, and my body fat around the holidays was recorded at 18.5%, it seemed like pretty fair numbers. But when I ran the New Prague Half Marathon with such an outstanding time last May (thanks to a few stomach viruses), my weight was just below 115, which led me to believe that is where I need to be for my marathon.

I’d already eliminated sugar. Well, at least added sugar. I still consume Energy Gel’s for long runs, and Electrolyte drinks as well. But I cut down on the sweetened snacks, chocolate and desserts that I used to treat myself to every once in a while. Sure, I may have a taste or two of something my kids are enjoying, but I don’t have a full serving of it.

Around the end of January, I elected to remove alcohol from my diet. It wasn’t that I drank a lot, but when I did drink, it just left me feeling miserable the next day. This interfered with not only my mood, but my workout or run. And it just wasn’t worth it anymore. The calories I consumed while drinking seemed better taken in the form of a healthy late night snack instead.

Two weeks later, I decided to remove all dairy. I already consume very little, but it was that jump to remove the rest…like adding dairy milk to eggs, or soft cheeses. I still do eat non-fat, plain, Greek Yogurt, and Feta Cheese on my salad. But that is all. Any milk I add food these days is either Rice Milk, or Coconut, or Almond milk.

Finally, though, around the beginning of March, I began reading Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis. This book led me to believe that it may be a Gluten sensitivity I have been suffering from much of my life. I have always be one to prepare and eat from each of the food groups at dinner, not only for my sake, for for the sake of my growing children and hungry husband. And I love to make home made rolls or bread to serve with it. But before bed, I’d bloat like a beached whale, and the pain I suffered some nights would ground me in bed, usually lying on my belly with severe discomfort. I also rarely had a bowl movement on a regular basis and was prescribed stool softeners for that purpose. You see, the constipation led to excruciating hemorrhoids.

So, once I cut out the wheat, I started noticing big changes. My belly was not nearly as bloated. And whether it was water or fat on my thighs and butt that the wheat made me retain, well, that went away too. I didn’t start eating any less, I just changed what I was eating. Not only has my weight seen a difference, but my entire body shape has changed. And, my energy levels…and my sleep…and my bowels. It is really quite astounding. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t have tried it for myself. And as crazy as this may seem, Saturday night I made a glorious steak dinner for my family which included fried onions and mushrooms in coconut oil. I usually bread these in rice flour, but I made the mistake of using FryKrisp, which is  a wheat based product. Now, I don’t know if this is what I reacted to, but the pain in my gut Saturday night was dreadful. And it took until later the next day for me to feel somewhat normal again. It could have just been the fact that I ate like a glutton…or it could have been the gluten!

I now look at my family and can’t help but wonder. My girls have acne, and have had joint issues since they were youngsters, in one form or another. One has eczema. The other gets the same kind of belly aches I did. So, my ultimate goal is to make us all gluten-free. It isn’t easy, no one said it would be. But it is a challenge. And I love a challenge.

Today, my weight is between 110 and 115 on a day to day basis. My body fat has reduced to 17.3%. And my clothes are loose. I guess that comes with the territory. I certainly feel lighter on my feet, but with my new calf issue, only time will tell if it makes a difference in my overall running speed and endurance.


Weight at Get Lucky – March 16


Friday’s Weight


Saturday’s weight after 13-mile run

My toenails, on the other hand, are an entirely different blog post.

Have you eliminated anything drastically from your diet lately? What changes have you seen?

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