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My Pure Grit 2's

On Friday, a new pair of running shoes arrived on my doorstep. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a Brooks fanatic. After a few laborious hours at a local running store, Runner’s Gate, I determined that at this point in my running career, Brooks is the only brand for me.

When I left the store on that particular day last April, in fact, I had two pairs of shoes in hand. One was the Brooks Launch. The other was the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12. I loved the Launch for running. But I also like to walk on my off days, and the Adrenaline seemed better suited for that. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the Launch was not quite padded enough for me to go longer than 16 miles. And the Adrenaline were too heavy to go that distance or further. This left me in quite a predicament as I began marathon training this year.

The alternative was to find a more padded sneaker than the Launch, and a lighter one than the Adrenaline. After doing a ton of research, I came to the conclusion that the Brooks Pure Cadence was the sneaker for the marathon. And I can’t tell you how delighted I was to find that they fit the bill…perfectly. Until, that is, Brooks changed them completely with the 2nd edition. Grrrrrr. So, after testing these fabulous sneakers, I realized I may never own another pair because by March, they were gone…I’m talking ALL GONE! At least in a size 9.

BUT, alas, a pair did show up somewhere…now I can’t even remember where. And I snatched them up. They are sitting tight until June, when I plan to break them in a few weeks before the marathon. I want to be sure I’m out of the Pure Cadence I’m in now for that race and start with somewhat fresh soles on my feet.

Having to look ahead, however, with the demise of the original Pure Cadence, I read that the Pure Grit 2 is probably the closest sneaker overall to the original Pure Cadence. I decided to give them a try.

Brooks Pure Grit 2

Brooks Pure Grit 2

Today was the day. I just came off that half marathon on Saturday, so I planned a super easy and short run for today. The new Brooks Pure Line, second edition, were updated slightly in overall size. Typically, I’m an 8. In the Launch and the Adrenaline I am an 8.5. But the Pure Cadence had me in a 9. The Pure Grit 2 has me back to an 8.5.

Here is how they fit.
First off, they have an odd design to them. It is kind of a semi-circle lace design that would seem as though it would benefit the pronator. I am a supinator. More on that later.

The Brooks Pure Grit 2 has a toe box that will excite the heck out of you! It is large and roomy. May as well be wearing sandals, they are that broad. When I first put them on, I felt I couldn’t get the right sneaker on tight enough. I ended up using the lace lock holes and that seemed to do the trick. The laces themselves seem a bit frail…like I could rip them apart at any moment. That feature I didn’t care for.

Walking around my kitchen for a few rounds, I was a bit concerned about my heel rubbing against the back of the sneaker, but this would prove to be a non-issue.

So, now I’m laced up and ready to run.

I could feel a difference immediately. This sneaker does promote a mid-strike. I’d say as far as the padding goes, it falls between the Launch and the Pure Cadence. Everything felt pretty good for the first mile, but I had to concentrate on that foot strike. I could easily end up running flat footed in this sneaker. Eventually, though, the foot strike came naturally and I easily overcame it. But, I think that I tied that right shoe lace too tightly because I was getting a little bit of cramping on the outside of my right foot. And, it could have been my imagination, but I thought I felt my feet turning outward more than they usually do as I ran. So, I had to work on that a bit as well. If I splayed my toes inside the sneakers, the cramping would go away. This made me ponder getting toe spreaders. Hmmmmm…but I digress.

By mile 2.5, I was well into the sneaker. In fact, I kind of liked them. But here was the kicker. As I turned for the final mile and a half, I was forced to run on the gravel shoulder. And these sneakers were aces. I’ve never run on gravel with such comfort. My ankles stood straight and secure and I didn’t twist in them once. For certain, this is a trail sneaker, as it is touted to be. And it would be one I would love to try a trail run in. That was the seller for me.

I think I’ll know more in the morning how my calves and shins made out, but I feel pretty good about them overall. It will be a nice sneaker to add to the collection.

My Pure Grit 2's

My Pure Grit 2’s

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I just have to ask. What sneakers do you run in?

4 Responses to Brooks Pure Grit 2

  1. Celia Varga says:

    I think ACTIVE splaying of your toes is what provides the comfort. It extends the big toes slightly and automatically stiffens the arch when you do it. I don’t know if the passive toe splayers will have the same effect? Let me know!
    I like the look of those. I don’t have trail shoes yet. Hmmm.

  2. Sara says:

    I’ve been torn lately when it comes to shoes as well and Brooks seems to be where it’s at. My favorite Asics were discontinued. So I’ve been searching. I’ve settled on the Pure Connect (I managed to find 2 closeout pairs of the first model and one of the the second, so hopefully I’m set!) I’d love to try the Grit for trail running, but for now I have my Cascadias, which are awesome.

    • I hear ya! Funny about sneakers, isn’t it? Still, I’m not sure why they discontinue a “good thing”. And it just so happens I snagged a brand new pair of Pure Cadence today on E-Bay! I think you brought me luck, Sara! 😉

  3. kimberley says:

    Loved your review! I am a big fan as well.. running in Pure Flow’s now for a year. I just signed up for a trail run and thinking of getting the Grits… thanks for taking the time to post this 🙂

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