Digital Scrapbooking and Running

Recently, a question was brought up on one my my favorite Facebook Pages, Women’s Running Community.

Claudia writes:

“I started running almost 2 years ago and have been doing races for a little over a year. I’d like to get some ideas as far as keeping track of all your races (times, pics, etc). Scrapbooks, journals, albums, etc.? Any ideas would be so appreciated.”

It just so happens, that my second love and devotion next to running and fitness is digital design and scrapbooking. And not just any scrapbooking, but digital scrapbooking. If you’ve never heard of it, well, then you are out of the scrapbooking loop. It is basically scrapbooking using a simple photo editing software, i.e. Photoshop Elements, to create digital layouts. Once they are complete, you can keep them on your computer and display them in slideshows, have them professionally printed into a bound book, or print them yourself for your own personal albums. Putting the layouts together is easy, if you have the right tools to put them together. There are many sites out there with digital scrapbooking kits you can purchase for immediate download. All you have to do is Google them.

Being that I work for one of them in particular, I feel obligated to give them a plug. Happy To Create has the best collections of running and fitness related kits out there. Why? Well, because those of us who design them are into running and fitness! Who could possibly know better what you need to scrapbook your race photos with than a runner?

The best thing about digital scrapbooking is that it is so easy to learn and there is no cutting, pasting, or messy desks in site. It is all done digitally on your computer monitor. It makes it easier to work with digital photographs, or instagrams, or smart phone photos. They are already on your computer. To have to print them just to glue on another piece of paper is an extra few steps. Plus, you can journal your run or race, include photos of friends who ran it with you, and record your time, if you like! Seriously, it is so easy, my 13-year old girls do it.

Here is how you get started. Go to Happy To Create’s Learning Library and fill your head with knowledge. Then pick up a copy of Photoshop Elements. You probably already have one. If you don’t, check your printer, scanner, or camera software DVD’s. Many include it free with the purchase of a printer, scanner or digital camera. Load it up and get ready to go!

Then, be set to ask questions. We can answer them for you at Happy To Create!

Go to the Happy To Create Store and search “running”. Then check out all the fun kits that we have to scrap your race photos!

Here are just a few of the layouts that I have scrapped in the past year. This is really a fun project to do, especially on those scheduled rest days! Not only are you getting well needed rest, but you are saving and recording pieces of time that mean a lot to you and the running you do. You can scrap a good run, a bad run, a run with friends, or a run that just made you think. It is a great way to commemorate them.

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How do you commemorate and record your runs?

2 Responses to Digital Scrapbooking and Running

  1. Raina says:

    I have to admit I haven’t done much with scrapbooking since I started running seriously and blogging, but I love how yours have turned out! They look fantastic!
    If anything, I should check out Happy to Create for my family photos 🙂 – I have done a terrible job keeping up with them since blogging :/
    So glad to have connected with you on here and on facebook. 🙂

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