I look at roads from both sides now

It’s funny, how on an amazingly sunshiny day, you’re the passenger in a vehicle and your mind wanders. From your vantage point, as being the one who doesn’t needs to pay attention to the road ahead, you see things on the road beside you that you probably haven’t noticed before. On a beautiful day, you’ll see people running, couples walking their dogs, women strolling with their new babies, or kids on their bicycles. You’ll gaze around at the neighborhoods and think,

“Gee, this would be a great place to run.”

Hey! Why aren’t I running? It is an amazingly sunshiny day…cool and crisp. Perfect! Oh, yeah. I ran a half marathon yesterday. I’m supposed to be taking it easy today, right? Ah, but wouldn’t this would be such a great place to run! Maybe tomorrow I’ll drive here and run. Hold on. Drive? I could just run here to run! Yeah…that’s the ticket. It can’t be that far, right?

“Honey, how far are we from home?”

“Um, are you serious? We live right down the road.”

“I know, silly, but how many miles?”

“Why? You want to run here? Pfffft. This would be nothing for you.”

Now, when your husband reiterates what you are thinking, as silly as your own mind is telling you that it is, then you know you aren’t that far off base, and maybe your thinking isn’t all that silly.

“…yeah, this would be a great road to run.” he says.

As if he can read your mind. Your runner’s mind. The mind that believes it should be outside running right now. The mind that tells you that you are doing the right thing taking the rest day. The mind that argues “who needs a rest day?” The mind that sees beyond every vantage point and imagines the possibilities.

The mind that looks at roads from both sides.

Do you ever run to the place where you want to run? Do you drive there? Or do you just step off your driveway and go?

5 Responses to I look at roads from both sides now

  1. Darren says:

    The new website is great!

  2. Thanks! I’m certified now, you know…;)

  3. That’s funny! I have though that before, especially while traveling. Hope you get to run on that road soon!

  4. I recently moved to a great place to run beside a park, but I’ve done what you write about before and I’m sure I’ll do it again. I found your blog through Running Bloggers!

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